Sunday, 22 January 2017

The One About The Grey Jumper

I'm on the hunt again as it's a staple for me, it just works.  I don't wear a lot of black, mainly a black jean if anything but my daily outfit is usually a blue wash jean and sweater.  My wardrobe seems to be missing a universal grey, maybe a soft, slouchy cashmere.  I have a v-neck one from Gap I nabbed in the sales in December which is a darker grey, a more smarter, thin merino one from Boden and a very very old boiled wool one from Gap again (and for those eagle eyed readers, a cheapo Gap one a few posts below but it's darker again!).  Recently I bought a Nike hoodie and it's the perfect shade of grey, reminding me I need to wear more of it.  So I've done some research and think I'm going to give some of these a try.  Starting with this cotton and wool one from & Other Stories.  I have a few jumpers of theirs and I am really impressed with their quality.  I've never bought online from them and have a vague memory they take a while or are rubbish for returns? Comment please if you have experience!  I like the neck on this one, it's a little different and lets face it, a grey jumper is a grey jumper so it's nice to have something unusual about it.  

& Other Stories £45
Here's a classic cashmere crew neck from Uniqlo.  I've bought from them before but never their cashmere and it's currently on offer.  It does look a gorgeous shade of grey so I'm really tempted by this.  My concern is it's a thin cashmere, I do fancy something chunky.  I'd like to size up in it, but it's currently out of stock in that size so I may have to wait.
Uniqlo Cashmere Crew Neck £69.90 down to £49.90
Now this H&M one I've been pondering for too long so I think I'm going to have to take the plunge purely because I need to write it off if it doesn't work.  It's their Premium Quality so I'm expecting a good thick cashmere as opposed to the above.  There's another crew neck cashmere in their Premium Range too but I like that this one has a slightly different neck line like the & Other Stories one.  Again I think I will size up as it does look to have a deeper waist band and there's nothing worse than having that ride up to my chest!

H&M Cashmere Jumper £59.99
So this image has just sold this one to me (and I have a £10 birthday voucher from Boden thank you very much), how super comfy yet chic does this look?  90% wool and 10% cashmere the only thing I think I may not like is the longer length but that being said, I am long bodied and with free delivery and returns it's worth a go.  It's available in other colours too (the cream's only £23.85!) and was originally £79.50.

Boden Diane Jumper £31.80
This one is also from Boden but has some side zips which I quite like.  It's the same fibre composition as the above so I may as well try this one out too.  All in the name of research naturally.  
Boden Sonia Jumper £35.80
All very similar shades of grey so here's hoping I find one that works!  On another note, here's the grey Nike one I nabbed from ASOS.  I originally discovered it inside my mates teenager daughters wardrobe last year.  The slouchy hood was so comfy and it's rare and I mean rare but as it didn't go down in the sales I splashed the cash with my birthday money and paid full price for it.  Yes people, it does happen from time to time! 

Jeans & Khaki Shirt/Jacket; Topshop
Boots; Timberland
Look at all those layers on that hood keeping my neck warm! 
Nike Rally Hoodie £45
PS Completely not grey related but make sure you check out my Bargain Buy from Boden at the to right of my page, only sizes L & XL left!  Sorry if you're reading this post well after the published date, I change my Bargain Buy's weekly so you may have missed the boat I'm afraid.  

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