Sunday, 6 November 2016

Winser London

I was contacted by the lovely folk at Winser London the other month to see if I wanted to collaborate on a blog post by choosing some pieces from their collection.  I've been aware of them but not purchased from them until recently.  As soon as I started looking around their website, I knew this would be an easy brand to share with you.  The reason being their fibre compositions are brilliant, absolutely right up my street.  After a chat on email I even learnt a new key piece of information, the 5% elastane used with the silk jumper I chose is to help movement and minimise creasing.  I love that there's thought gone into their items, it shows they are really thinking about the customer wearing it. 

The hard part was choosing! After much consideration I went for this hoodie below. I wanted something cozy and casual with a luxe feel. I've been after a grey hoodie for ages but nothing has jumped out at me until I saw this. It's made from merino, silk, cashmere and a tiny bit of nylon so is really lightweight and not chunky but has plenty of warmth in it. I actually reached for it first when I was ill and trying to do the whole 'Positive Mental Attitude' thing so thought I'd pop something new and comfy on. Well the hoodie definitely aided the recuperation (OK, and reluctantly the antibiotics I succumbed to as well!). 

Casual Luxe Hooded Cardigan £125 (also available in black) - just gone into sale at £79!
I then went for this camel coloured jumper with one of my favourite fabrics, a silk front and merino back. I always opt for white or off cream, it's my comfort zone but this looked so good on the model I thought I'd give it a go and try something different. When I first saw it I wasn't sure it would work on me (previous history with camel coats never boding well for me) but once I put it on all doubt was gone. I received several compliments on it in one day. As one friend pointed out, it's rare to find a jumper with pockets that sit so flush and don't gape. I love the pockets, its another favourite of mine. The two tone of the fabrics juxtaposed works perfectly, I just adore this jumper. 

Silk Front 3/4 Sleeve Top £115 (also available in my camel colour) - now £79!
Randomly (and I promise this was not planned!) I walked past a Winser London outlet by the NEC, a great little shopping centre with a few outlets if you are ever near.  They had a huge sale on and when I saw this thick coat/cardigan I was gutted there was none left in my size.  It was something like £200 down to £30 with the softest leather pockets.  The sales assistant made me try the size they had and thank goodness she did.  I think it's the best £30 I've spent this year.  I so nearly went for the pink coat/cardigan below when I was picking my pieces, I still love it and wonder if there's a place for it in my wardrobe....!  So this was just meant to be as it's been so handy to throw on over clothes now it's cooler. 

Milano Wool Car Coat £250 (also available in black and 100% Merino wool)
Yasmin Le Bon is not only the face of Winser London but has also designed her own collection with them, well worth a peek.  Continuing on with the pastel theme, this roll neck jumper looks stunning and is available in plum and mustard colours as well.

Merino Wool 'Y' Stitch Roll Neck Jumper £195
If you sign up to their very own Winser London Club you get access to lots of special offers as well as 10% off with free delivery on your first order.  Happy Shopping!

Your order arrives loving packed in tissue paper

Side Note; the first two items in this post were gifted, the black cardigan was purchased with my own money.  All opinions are very firmly mine!

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  1. That £30 cardigan is absolutely gorgeous - what a complete bargain! Love your picks. I've seen Donna wear this brand also over on I Won't Wear Sludge Brown and have always admired the pieces she wears.


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