Sunday, 3 July 2016

Daydreaming In Chanel

It was a trip to London today with my sister who was visiting for the week-end and we headed straight to Harrods to hit the sales.  We always love to spend time ogling over items we can't have - a tease in some ways but also creating a little wish list with goals for future purchases.  Chanel is a long standing love of mine and they had 30% off selected shoes - honestly!  I don't think I've seen anything as beautiful on my little toe toes as these.  I completely fell head over heals in love.  They were £790 reduced to £553 and one pair in a size 3 left.  Meant to be right?  But no, my bank balance isn't healthy enough for such beauties in my life and yes, when one day in the distant future that it just might be, I won't find them will I?!  Have you ever put a pair of shoes on and got goose bumps and gone all giggly at how utterly stunning they are?  Nope?  Ok, well I have and I'm not ashamed to admit that these completely and utterly did it for me.  Lambskin in, out and around with pearls and bows.  Divine.  

And why not go the full hog and find a handbag to match I hear you say?  I don't aim to disappoint.  This arm candy was £3340.00 and not in the sale but I'm thinking I have just over 4 years until my 40th so this is just enough time for the husband to save.....

Back to reality.  I really didn't buy much and went back to get some shoes but they shut the till (as it was closing) so I walked into Zara and bought a top for £20 in the sale instead!  I really just enjoy browsing and looking at all the luxury items, I'm a pretty happy window shopper.  I wore all high street apart from my Chloe handbag which was a purchase from Harrods in their Christmas sale.  

T-shirt; Vince
Jacket; Zara
Jeans; Topshop
Shoes; French Sole
Bag; Chloe


  1. Which French Sole are those? I find them ever so low-cut, but those are lovely!

    1. They were Jane Winkworth French Sole ones, years old now though. But I completely agree, took me a while to find a pair that weren't low at the front but it was worth the wait. They really have worn so well. x

  2. Replies
    1. It was last year but so popular they bought it out a few times in the season, originally in white and blue, then mine then a black. Not seen one so far this year though I'm afraid. Perhaps try eBay? x


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