Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Gucci Bargain

A quick little lesson and a post I have kept meaning to share since the start of the year!  Sales shopping is the ideal time to invest, especially in brands that are usually well out of your reach and don't be put off by the scraggly pieces as they are often the gems.  Cue this purple number from Gucci.  They had a very small rail with something like a 'special price' gold sign below - very discreet!  Some odd items left on Boxing Day (yes, I braved Bicester Village on Boxing Day!) and this top jumped out at me.  It clearly needed a good iron but the cut looked stunning - especially around the sleeves, it was made of cotton and silk, it was a beautiful colour and the price, well it was £400 down to £45!  I took a snap of the ticket just to remind me what a bargain it was!

Even pre an iron it was a no brainer and more so as my sister offered to buy it as an early birthday present for me.  

A tad naughty but I wore it before my birthday as we were off to our friends for New Years Eve and I just wanted a nice new top to wear.  I kept the rest of the outfit simple as once the bow was done up that really was the focal point.  I did add a tiny additional piece of fun with an animal print belt.  I love this top, I can see it staying in my wardrobe for years.  Don't be afraid to go into the big designer stores - you just never know what you may find!

Top; Gucci
Belt; J Crew
Trousers; Topshop
I am always rushing to get out the house, especially when my girls are also on a mission to get their outfit sorted...Hence the grainy shots and the only full half decent shot included them!

Shoes; Boden (Alice flats and my real life Alice to the right!)


  1. I am in awe of your bargain hunting skills Natalie....such a beautiful blouse! How lucky are you to have got it for such a song! xx

  2. That is gorgeous. It also helps that you're tiny and can fit into the sizes that are usually on the sales rails *resolves yet again to go on a diet*

    1. It was a size 10 and not my size so I did luck out with it! I don't want to hear that diet word, I've met you in real life and you're perfect the way you are x

  3. I was just thinking the same as Helen - there is no way I could squeeze an arm in that blouse but lucky is the girl (you) who can. I love the hit of colour too! Lovely pic of you and the girls!

  4. oh wow, what a bargain and the colour is fabulous on you!! how cute are your girls, little fashionistas in the making!XX

    1. Thanks, I naturally gravitate towards more neutral colours but loved this. And Diva's, definitely diva's! x


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