Tuesday, 16 February 2016


I always go through phases with Topshop, sometimes I find lots and other times I find it too high fashion.  Unfortunately for my bank balance (but luckily for me as I had a 20% off birthday voucher from my store card) I found a few gems and could have kept on going.  I fell for this top completely.

NB I'm not an advocate of store cards, this one remains empty most of the time but they give you a nice little birthday treat and an additional 10% off the first week of the Summer & Christmas sales so needs must...!)

It has a slightly dipped hem at the back, a high neckline (which I love on me and is great for smaller chests such as myself) and it just fell so beautifully.  It's rare I randomly buy items without something in mind for it but there was no rational behind this top, I quite simply adored it.  It is £36 so with an additional 20% off I didn't think it was too high a price to splurge on a top I perhaps didn't need right now.
Ditsy Floral Blouse £36
Back to something my workable for my wardrobe with this sweater.  I am a sucker for a sweater at the moment, but this is it no more needed (OK, there was one more I bought but details on that later). I did flinch slightly at the low cotton content but as I loved the logo, I swerved past that point.  Not me I know, especially when a sweater I bought from them less than 6 months ago is now bobbling.  I am hoping that as this is black, it won't show the wear so quickly but it's a reminder to myself to stick to my guns on decent fibres.  

It is lovely and snuggly and I don't have any black sweaters so at £26 (then another 20% off) I thought it was worth a shot.  They also now do it in a mint green which would be perfect for Spring.  

California Sweatshirt £26
There's always one that got away isn't there - this was mine.  The queue was long, I was hungry, my patience wearing out and my voucher wasn't working at the tills on the full priced items.  I decided to just order online but in my haste, neglected the fact that this was in the sale, with a further 20% off in store making it £16.  Naturally it wasn't online and being as there was only one in store in my size the chances were slim at getting it again.  Oops!  The husband says it was one of my 'fashion' moments and it was nasty anyway.  I on the other hand thought it was quirky but someone else is now wearing that quirky.  When will I learn?!?!

Just in case there is any size 6 or 7 shoes out there - these bobby dazzlers are now £15 from £62 and all leather. I added them to my order but they were out of stock in my size by the time they processed my order - don't you hate it when that happens?  Someone get them quickly, they are gorgeous!

Kitsch Shoe £15

Anyone else enjoying Topshop too at the moment?


  1. Loving Topshop at the moment Natalie.....just totted up and have already bought 6 items from there this year! That jacket is cute....the one that got away! xx

    1. It's on a roll isn't it Michelle. Yes, not a great idea really to share the photo and have to keep looking at it was it! x

  2. I am officially banned from Topshop as The Teen has now discovered it! She has 2 of the snuggly logo sweatshirts and 3 pairs of Jamie jeans already. God forbid I go near the place ... very uncool to shop in the same store as your mum!!!

    1. Noooo - sneak in and cut out the labels! It's too good not to pay a visit to x


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