Friday, 27 November 2015

The New Look Revival & A Snuggly Superdry Jumper

It was so cold today I had to bring out the big guns in the form of a chunky knit.  I got rid of all my polo necks years ago, I had so many and I'd fallen out of love with them that I literally cleared the lot out.  So when I saw this Superdry one the other week I decided it maybe time to re-visit the old roll neck as I loved the thick jumper and the colours in it.  It did feel a little odd wearing it but for the first time all week I was warm all day.  

Jumper; Superdry
Jeans; Topshop
Boots; New Look 

Without having much time to think before the school run (no matter how hard I try to plan out my mornings - toddlers always manage to throw a spanner in the works don't they!) I literally grabbed these boots from the depths of my wardrobe.  I bought them years ago from New Look for around £20.  They are real suede but fairly high for me hence they don't get a great deal of wear.  They did keep me warmer than my ankle boots though!  It was also actually nice to wear a higher heel in the day for a change, they always make me hold myself better I find! 

Continuing on with a New Look revival is this sequin skirt, also years old. It was from their Limited Edition range and quite possibly may be my party outfit saviour for next week-end. I've been burying my head in the sand and with just over a week I really need to get it out and sort out what I'm wearing. This is my first port of call - just a top to find, that's if it still fits.....Yes, I loved it so much it's lurked in the back of my wardrobe every time I've had a clear out refusing to leave it.

Skirt; New Look
Shoes; Dune

PS Full body shot photo credits go to my 8 year old who is in training but doing a grand job at 'papping Mummy' as we are frantically racing out the house for school. Thank you H. X


  1. Gorgeous new sweater Natalie....I have a love/hate relationship with rollnecks as well! Those New Look boots are fab too....what an utter bargain! xx

    1. The more I've worn it I'm getting used to it again but I don't think I will be getting a load in. Although it really is so warm. x


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