Saturday, 28 November 2015

Black Friday - Keeping It Simple With M&S

I haven't gone mad like my inbox has with Black Friday, I am finding it all a little too much to be honest.  Some shops offering 10% over a certain spend when actually they hand out better deals than that with their catalogues - do they think we are that stupid?  It is hard not to get caught up with it all though but the one shop I salute to the way they've done it is good old Marks & Spencer. Keeping it simple with easy to navigate discounts in store and online, I headed straight to the 50% off sections - after all, this is about a proper bargain right - not a measly 10%.  Yes, things have sold out online but stores still have stock (my girls have got a gorgeous new winter coat at 50% off from my local store). Just to give you an idea - here's a few of my favourite half price deals online.  

Yes THIS skirt is half price from £199 down to £99.50 - all suede and featured in numerous magazines!
I've always been a fan of their cashmere, this one is £129 down to £64.50.  There is green online as well and quite possibly the grey was in on the deal - again, check your local store for more options
We all need an animal print coat in our lives - trust me, you will wear it more than you think!  This one is  £129 down to £64.50
Only certain colours left online but their classic crew neck cashmere is now £37.50 from £75!  
I wouldn't be without my fur hooded parka for the school runs - it's the best coat to have.  This one is £39.50 from £79 an utter bargain.
Finishing with another coat - because Winter brings out my coat problem, that literally is all I want to buy right now!  I fancied some Sex & The City mid week so I put on the first film.  When I saw this coat below it reminded me of Carries - yes, I know the outfits inside out!

This is £69 down to £34.50 and I actually think I would have to buy it if I saw it in my size and it fits!  Regardless of whether I need it or not as to quote Carrie; "it's not logical, it's emotional".

There's more so please go and have a look, I honestly think they've nailed it by making it a select amount and easy to navigate.  There is 30% off a ton more items but being the bargain hunter I am, those items will probably go down further in their sale which no doubt will start in a couple of weeks anyway, so I can wait.  Unless of course you are present shopping then go for it!

PS This is not a sponsored post by any means - I am just sharing the bargains!


  1. I completely agree about the ridiculous frenzy of so-called bargains and discount codes. I've had to stop looking at my junk email - lord knows how many messages I'll have to wade through when I finally venture back there! I think Black Friday is the perfect time to try to grab a bargain if you already have something earmarked, but I just can't face scrolling my way through page after page of stuff that I don't want or need in the first place! M&S seem to be one of the few who did it right - no messing about, deep discounting, and all in one place! Xx

    1. And the so called one off bargains seem to have carried on or even rolled over to the actual Christmas sales?!?!?x


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