Saturday, 31 October 2015

Winter Warmers

Aside from the fact I generally don't do cold, the Winter months for me are a long drawn out process, I feel the cold terribly but the saving grace being that I do love knitwear.  We are so lucky to have a fantastic High Street in the UK that offers what we need in a broad range of prices.  Uniqlo always has great basics (and some quirky ones too!) at affordable prices.  Both of the jumpers below are 100% wool and come in a variety of colours. 
Uniqlo £24.90
Uniqlo £19.90
This star jumper from Hush has a mix of fibres but some cashmere and wool in it still for warmth.  I'm a big fan of prints like this, it just makes putting on a jumper that bit more fun and interesting rather than a block colour style. 

Scatter Star Jumper now £70
I haven't looked at BrandAlley for a while.  I used to use them a while back but got put off due to a few errors on their part.  A nice lad did sort it for me so I should really give them a try again.  They have a Joseph sale going on at the moment - be quick, currently one grey cashmere hoodie left - I'm wondering if it has my name on.....

Joseph Grey Hooded Cashmere Jumper £315 down to £89
Joseph 100% Wool Snowflake Jumper £295 down to £75
H&M's Premium Quality range has some timeless pieces in great materials.  Merino, cashmere, leather and suede, definitely worth a look here.  This grey Merino sweater is £29.99 and comes in dark grey as well.  They always have a promotional code floating about (currently 3169 gets you 25% off) which makes these a steal.

H&M Merino Jumper £29.99
This Cashmere and wool polo-neck comes in burgundy and dark grey. Burgundy is one of my favourite colours for this coming season.  These are also great for tucking into a skirt.

H&M Cashmere & Wool Polo-Neck £49.99
Finishing off with a classic favourite of mine - a breton jumper from Boden.  This Alexa jumper has a combination of fabrics but some cashmere and wool thrown in for good measure.  This version is currently on sale at £41.30 however there are cheaper colour options available in this style starting from £34.30.  Click on the link below the image to go through and have a look.  

Boden Alexa Jumper £41.30


  1. I agree about brand alley, they are fine if you are 100% sure about something, but if anything goes wrong it take ages to sort out problems, easier just to go to a shop!

    1. So I'm not alone then! Shame as their prices are very competitive. That jumper went, at that price I'm not surprised x


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