Friday, 23 October 2015

The Zara Purchases Update

I won't beat around the bush, the lot went back!  I just wasn't feeling any of them for various reasons. The coat was a great colour but a little long in the sleeve, didn't fall great when done up and felt thin - but at £29.99 I wasn't expecting miracles for my money.  All in all it just wasn't right on me.  

I preferred it undone!
I loved the print on this dress but it was huge - and I ordered the XS!  It doesn't look like it in the picture I know but there was a ton of gathering going on due to the excess material.  I'm also not one for a big baggy sleeve as I feel it drowns me a little.  

Ah the denim dress number!  Short!  It was also on the tight side and I wanted to wear a big jumper underneath.  Overall too short and too tight and that's before you've addressed the extra long straps at the back that would need altering.  

Luckily I cheered myself up with this cheerful number form Topshop.  Completely not the fibre composition I would normally buy and in a few months time I may well come to regret it if it's a bobbling state.  However my lovely friend had a student discount of 20% (she's a student at night time - not a you student in the sense you may be thinking - don't kill me for saying that J, I'm as old as you....!) so at just over £20 I felt like taking a risk.  It feels a little Mork and Mindy but I still love it!

Nanoo Nanoo!


  1. I just returned the ivory version of your pink coat. It fitted fine on me, a fraction long in the arm as I expected which doesn't bother me as I alter all my sleeves if need be but I sent it back because of the shape. I wasn't keen on the a-line. If it had been straight cut, I might have kept it as the ivory was very fresh. Shame about your order but sometimes that happens! Have been there many times myself. I think of it as money saved. And new opportunities for something better.

    1. Glad it wasn't just me then, when it was zipped the a-line just didn't work. Yes, I was pleased in some ways it all went back - but that didn't stop me re-allocating the pennies elsewhere....!x

  2. I am forever ordering a shed load and then sending the lot back! It is quite depressing but then you suddenly think "hey I have saved a load of money, what can I buy instead?" Fuzzy logic. I agree about the shape of the jacket and nanoo nanoo to you too ;0) xx

    1. Ditto! But I actually prefer to try on at home now and so long as it's free returns it doesn't bother me. x


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