Tuesday, 9 June 2015

House Of Fraser AW15 Press Day Roundup

I had a lovely time browsing what House of Fraser have to offer this coming Winter a few weeks ago. Despite it being sunny outside, it is always nice to think ahead to the cozy/snuggly months - especially when sequins are involved (Christmas count down anyone?!?).  As always, they didn't disappoint and even surpassed expectations - keep reading, I've saved the best until last!  Here's whats coming up from them.

Animal print just continues season after season, it's a great way to add some character to an outfit.  A little belt is the perfect way to start if you're a bit print phobic!  Biba had a brilliant selection.
Exclusive collection from their Biba range - how fabulous are those sequins and stripes are always a winner.
Maison Scotch, Linea (classic camel coat alert) and Hunter - a perfect selection of glitz, classic and practical from their coat range.
My favourite - the handbags!  Oxblood red coming your way as well as some more dusky pink (you can still bring out your pink wool coat if you bought one last season!)
Fringing looks like it's here to stay for the foreseeable future (good job as I love it).  The leather on these bags were amazing.  
Winter isn't Winter without a little faux fur.  This bag (£95) by Helen Moore had a tough leather strap making it a sturdy every day bag with that touch of difference due to the fur.  Stole by Helen Moore, Coat by Pied a Terre (£189).
Can you just see the eyes an lips on the Lulu Guinness far left - how cute!  The pink Radley also caught my eye - how sleek does that one look!
Vivienne Westwood, DKNY and Lulu Guinness again.  The backpack was a gorgeous soft leather, I loved the studs on it. 
Knitwear needed for Winter, naturally!  Label Lab offered a little light embellishment (£89), whilst Barbour went for the classic thick heavy knit leaving Dickins & Jones to a cute bow back style
Leather really is in, these skirts again, were the softest leather.  The classic cut on the left was juxtaposed to the bias cut one on the right, something for everyone!  Both by Biba.
McQueen anyone?  Serious handbag lust going on here.  From L to R; £360, £295, £390.
I'm yet to add some tied courts to my shoe collection, these were a classic black suede with the delicate tie at the front.  Both shoes by Carvela.
Finishing with my favourite - Victoria Beckham, yes, a little selection from her jean line will now be available from House of Fraser making her more accessible to us all!  Cute, classic and classy, gosh she is good!
So come on then, who's getting excited about Christmas and who has started or is going to start their Christmas shopping in the July sales?!?  My hands are up!


  1. Although I'm desperate for some heat (which we've yet to have!), I can't help but feel excited for all the new A/W clothes to come!

    1. Me too, I love seeing what's coming up, makes the colder months more fun! x

  2. HOF are just amazing - and with the weather we're having now I can totally buy into the A/W range!

    1. I know, I may have jinxed the weather by talking about the colder ones ahead, oops! x

  3. I love a bit of HOF, I've had some great bargains in their brand events! I was coveting a Biba faux leopard coat last Winter, and I may just have to indulge this year! xx

    1. Do it, you will still be wearing it in many years to come! x

  4. Oh wow! Some gorgeous bits ahead but can we please have Summer first?! I'm so over this weather Natalie! Andrea x


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