Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Discovering A Hole Of The Blazer Variety (and a little life lesson)

I'm late in posting this post due to my holiday so I am side stepping slightly on my Spanish shopping but I will get back to it, I promise!  So, completely starting off on a different note here (my blog, my rules and all that!).  I was on my way to London to meet a client the other week when a lady and her husband got on the train.  With only a few seats left they were forced to sit apart.  I offered to swap so they could be together, it's ok she told me, "we've been together 53 years, I think I could do with an hour to myself!"  An hour later we had put the world to rights, talked about death, marriage, raising children, being a working Mum and of course, when she found out what I did, a little bit of fashion added in there too.  I won't disclose her stories as I was honoured enough to have been told them and they are hers to tell.  But I urge you all to always be open to people, no matter where you are or who you're with.  It was a wonderful start to my day, she had some amazing stories to tell.  If we all listened and smiled just that little bit more, you just never know what you may discover.  Thank you Jennifer, the pleasure was truly all mine.x

So to back to the rest of that fateful day.  I always need to be comfortable when sorting through ladies wardrobes however as I'm representing myself, I need to feel smart and approachable too.  A usual start to outfit deciding for me - toys out of the pram, I have nothing to wear.  My Joni jeans from Topshop are still a firm (tummy hugger!) favourite of mine with no gaps at the back when I bend down.  So that was the bottom half decided.  It was going to be warm that day so I went sleeveless with a Zara top from a few years ago.  Then came the jacket.  My husband thought I was loosing the plot when I announced I had nothing appropriate.  I managed to dig out (sigh, yes it's a hard life) an oldie from pre kids (8+ years for those who want to know) from New Look of all places.  They don't make them like they used to!  However it has seen better days, shrunk a little and I'm left where I was last year when I'm sure I blogged about searching for that statement jacket.  That and another blazer please.   

Blazer; New Look
Top; Zara
Jeans; Topshop
Bag; Prada
Boots; Ash
I had to include this shot as my 8 year old took it and I filtered it on instagram and she was over the moon as it has been my most successful shot yet with over 100 likes - thank you all who liked it, you've made a little girl very happy that she is a better photographer than her Daddy! 
And this shot as the leotard clad 3 year old also wanted a piece of the action (crumpled top as it was now the end of the day!)
My friend bought this from Zara the other day, a blazer wasn't on my radar at the time so I didn't try it on.  It looked great on her, the perfect combination between relaxed and formal so now I'm contemplating it!  £59.99


  1. You know me & Blazers Natalie....I just can't resist & I love your look as well as the one you've included from Zara.
    What a lovely story about your train journey & I agree with you a smile & being open & aware of others costs nothing but you never know what or whom it might bring into your life.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. I know - you have the best selection, we really need to hang out some more he he!
      I still think about our conversation now, really was a lovely hour x

  2. I love it when you get chatting to somebody. You often find that people have amazing stories to share, which you'd never guess from looking at them! Love your photo bomber, so cute! Looking fab as always, Natalie. Lynne xx

  3. I always end up having a chat with the person next to me on the train! I did a few weeks back and met a really lovely lady with some fab tales of life to share! :0) That Zara blazer looks ace....hang tight as surely the sales are due to start soon?! xx

    1. Oh Michelle - bother, in my haste I completely forgot about the sale, oops! However at roughly 25% cheaper already in Spain I am happy with what I have - will share soon! x

  4. This is why I talk to everyone all the time - you just never know what you will learn when you talk to someone!

  5. Such a lovely post Natalie! It's amazing who we meet at times & how much they can impact us! Nothing to wear?! Lol!! You look lovely as always! Andrea x


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