Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Victoria Beckham Store

A happy New Year to you all!  I hope you had a great festive period and hopefully some time off together as a family.  Mine was lovely but very busy with too many birthdays straight after Christmas, mine included.  By the time mine came last Sunday, I contemplated purchasing my first onesie and staying in it all day - I have never had a pj day!  However my sister was over and with the chance of some childcare my hubby & I popped into London for some quiet Sunday shopping.  More on my very few purchases in another post, this one is dedicated to the Victoria Beckham shop.  I have been a long standing fan for decades now and was desperate to visit her shop.  Wow.  It really is something else as far as design goes but the clothes and staff were also pretty damn good too! 

Really sleek, minimal pieces, not over fussy but different enough to know they are designer

Praise the Lord - 100% wool!  I couldn't help but have a peek at what this sweater was made of
A real statement piece 
All the clothes were suspended from these chains that moved along with ease, so unique 
Minimal contemporary furniture complemented the store
Probably my favourite item.  I love the pleats mixed with the tiered ruffles and then contrasted with the chain waist, mixing up tough and soft materials

Scarf - Costco (honestly - and 100% cashmere!)
Coat; Mulberry
Jeans; Topshop
Boots; Ash
Bag; Victoria Beckham - on my wish list!
The ceiling!
The stairs were adorned with a few handbags and the amazing scent of Diptyque candles (I was lucky enough to get a Diptyque candle for my birthday so was happy to see Victoria approves of them too!)

I admit I was like a kid in a candy shop, my husband was highly embarrassed taking this photo of me outside and even more so when I talked to the staff about the amazing store and what a great job Victoria had done with it (and been told by the staff it was a 'privilege to work here'). He doesn't get it, nor need he.  I was nervous at first (yes, random I know) however the staff were so friendly and also not in your face, they offered help and then left you to it.  They all smiled and were polite - even the security guard on the door.  10 minutes later we were in two very well known shops near Regent Street.  One was a tip and the staff in the changing rooms couldn't look me in the eye and grumbled at me, the other seemed like it was far too much to ask for a price on an item that had lost it's tag.  Both stores weren't on the cheap side either.  Customer service goes a long way with me.  So my pennies are being saved, what seems like her only slim line cross body bag this season needs to be mine!


  1. That store looks extraordinary and I'm really pleased to hear that the staff were nice. I agree with you - I like VB a lot and think she deserves credit for what she's achieved. I remember drooling over a slimline cross body bag of hers in Brown Thomas last year ... so I think it would be a worthwhile purchase if you have the willpower to save your pennies x

    1. I wonder if it was the same bag Helen??!?! My sister actually bought it for me, was a baby pink one but there was a little error on my part and some miscommunication so it didn't end up with me, was from Brown Thomas! X

  2. Oh I'm so glad you got to go & see for yourself! It does look amazing! Were they OK with you taking photographs? x

    1. Yes - surprisingly so! I did it discreetly at the start then gave up and just lapped away x


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