Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Topshop Lace Dress (Again...!)

I know I've featured it before in a more day dress capacity (and recently in Jody's blog here) but this time I wore it to my daughters Baptism so teamed it with some high heels.  It worked just as well.  I love versatile dresses like this that just effortlessly fit into your wardrobe.  I need to find more!

Dress; Topshop
Shoes; Zara
It wasn't this creased at the start of the day, honest
I do love a suede shoe!


  1. A great outfit! And those shoes are just lovely.

  2. Thank you all. Shame that a few weeks later the dress will probably have to go away until next Summer now hey! x

  3. Gorgeous! You have amazing shoes Natalie! Congratulations on the Baptism too! Ax


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