Thursday, 17 July 2014

Royal Ascot Ladies Day

(No, this is not how I time!) 
It was my first time at Royal Ascot this year and I loved every minute of it in the end, but boy was I panicking about the dress code.  I was in the Royal Enclosure where your hat (or the base of it) has to cover 10cm of your head and skirts/dresses not too short.  I went for a H&M dress I bought in London last year (seen in this post).  They've recently bought it out again in a floral print (shown here) but the fabric is a lot thinner.  I love how the dress has structure to it down to the fabric and stitching without it being so stiff it's not flattering and doesn't move.

(excuse these grainy photo's,the best 'outfit' ones I had!)

The dress is a cream/pale peachy flesh colour - hard to describe really but I went along with the pale colour palette and added a very old Topshop blazer in a pale grey.  As my hat was black, I bought in my favourite Topshop necklace just so I had a little dark to complement my headpiece (which also had a cream flower on).  My Gucci shoes and vintage Chanel also in neutral pale tones, I went for a varied shade look!

With A LOT of food packed behind me....
Lots of shades going on, greys, blacks and a warmer cream with the dress

I've never been the most patriotic person which is strange as my parents are but I did come over all funny when I saw the Queen.  I do get fairly excitable over things and this was no exception.  I pushed my way to the front and got to see the lady herself.  Oh and the lawns - I want grass like that!

Of course, I was also slightly excited at the hats and outfits but was on a mission to place my first bet so I only managed to pap a few!

After a few small wins we headed to the track to be a little closer to the action for the final few races.  I soaked up the atmosphere, I love experiencing new things and this was no exception.  I always end up feeling a little over whelmed and quiet, especially when we were then picnicking with the best of them (Sir Steve Redgrave....) in the owners and trainers car park! 

Oh and we bumped into Mr Noel Edmunds as well - he has barely aged and looks amazing for 65.  He was so friendly and chatty to everyone. 

It was a long but perfect day.  For anyone who hasn't been, I fully recommend it.  I am desperate to go again! 
Hat; Jaeger (borrowed)
Bag; Vintage Chanel
Necklace; Topshop


  1. Oh Natalie, what an amazing day! You look stunning - perfect outfit for the occasion and loving the heels....and you got to meet Noel Edmunds - icing on the cake! Great post - loved reading all about your day....some day I hope I'll be there too xx

  2. What a gorgeous post - I actually scrolled back up again so I could admire the clothes for a second time Your outfit was just perfect and I love how your jacket tied at the front. As for mixing designer and high street? Looks like you've got that down to a fine art!!

  3. You looked stunning, Natalie chest a fantastic day! One to remember? Lynne xx

  4. You look absolutely stunning lady! Gorgeous! x

  5. I would love to go to Ascot just for the opportunity to dress up this much! You look gorgeous and it looks like a fab day out! xx

  6. Thank you all! It really was a lovely day, I was so lucky to be treated and taken out for the day! x

  7. I love your outfit Natalie, looks like you had a fantastic day. Lucky you xx

  8. Oh I'm so glad you went & had such a fab day! Its amazing isn't it?! You look so lovely Natalie! Ax


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