Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Returned Boots

I was tipped off by a kind anonymous reader (thank you, I saw your comment before their email came through!) that M&S were offering 20% off online one day.  I needed no excuse, so the ankle boots featured in this post were ordered.  Three paris later (I couldn't risk not getting the right size.  Note to self; practise what you preach.  Try try try, if I had when I saw the navy ones in London then there would have been no need to order 3 pairs).  Well I'm a size 3.5 in their boots just in case I forget for future reference.  The title says it all.  

They just felt to long in the front for some un-known reason.  I am a kind of instant shopper in some respects, especially if I've been coveting something for a while.  I really wanted the boots to work, there is a definite gap in my wardrobe for them.  However as soon as they went on there was no love.  There needs to be at least some love.

I still like them, just not on me so don't be put off by my review!  For £48 with the 20% off they were a bargain.  The heel is a great height for every day wear and the colour is perfect with denim. 

The hunt continues!  I'm in no hurry, a pair of day boots will turn up on my travels.  My only concern is that they may turn up in my supposed 'Frugal February' month of no shopping (Avril, on paper this was a good idea….!).  I am off to see a friend near Birmingham for the day Saturday so I will try my hardest not to shop but I can't promise, it was booked in advance!  In the mean time instead of clothes shopping I am play room storage shopping as this doesn't count at all.  Ikea is my best friend.

Who else is on a ban after Christmas and the sales?!


  1. Oh such a shame, they are lovely but if you don't feel 100% in them, they will never be right. Keep hunting x

  2. I really like them but it is Frugal February so I couldn't order x

  3. The boots look gorgeous Natalie but if you're not in love with them you've done the right thing in sending them back. Just think of the fun you can having shopping for your ideal boot in the meantime ;-) Jane xx

  4. They are nice but not amazing so I think you did the right thing. And I am so impressed with all the frugal feb mentions...we can do this!! I bet there will be a ton of day boots and other sake stuff even more reduced in March!! She says hopefully- that's what is keeping me going!! Stay strong my friend xx

  5. I'm on a ban (was in Jan too - go me!) and it's hard ... VERY VERY hard.

    Boots look ok but not amazingly fantastic - return and wait for the right pair


  6. I am holding my hands up now, Frugal Feb & me aren't getting along…...


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