Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Christmas Presents: Bare Minerals, Dior, Essie & H&M

I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite presents (sorry, there is favourites!).  Kat over at Does My Bum Look 40 recommend these Dior Lip Glow balm and glosses and being a fan of their Lip Maximiser (the tingling gloss plumps your lips) they went straight on my wish list.  I love them!  The lip balm is sheer in colour when it goes on (although as you can see from the below it looks pink) and has this special formula that adapts to your own natural colour, so it is different on everyone.  It makes my lips look pinker but is so natural and is perfect to use minus a lip liner and mirror.  It may be my new 'Chubby Stick'.  The gloss works in a similar way (don't be put off by how bright it is below) but literally its the gloss version, goes on clear and adapts to your natural colour.  If you want an easy, low maintenance pout then give these a try.  

I was thrilled to receive Miss Olivia Palermo's favourite 'Lollipop' Essie nail colour.  It's brighter than I thought it would be but that hasn't stopped me loving it.  I've got a little too used to a duller red.  This is refreshing on my nails, not as neon as below, but a slightly more orange tinge to it.  I think it will be worn loads over the Spring/Summer months.  I hurried a coat on for New Years eve and one coat still gave a great colour.  I didn't have time for a second so it did chip the day after, but I think a second  coat would have made it stay put a little longer. 

A favourite foundation brand of mine is BareMinerals.  My sister picked out this blusher set for me and it came complete with the softest brush.  I have used all three colours together which gives a definite shinier look but have also been using the cream and pink on their own.  I have been trying to get to a counter to re-buy my powder foundation as I have now finished it and love it to bits but I've so far been really unlucky and the staff have either finished for the day or been on a break!  I will get there soon as I miss it already.  

Finally onto the scarves.  My black cashmere scarf featured in this post was lovingly sent by Santa, thank you Santa so much.  It is yet to be worn but is a missing item in my scarf shelf so it's a definite keeper.  It's a lot wider than it appears so I am pleased with the extra cashmere for the money!  Now sadly onto a returned one.  I saw this one also from H&M a while ago and being an animal print lover and thinking it was a bargain for around £8 added it to my wish list.  Seen below, I was pretty happy with it so far (sign says 'Merry Christmas' by the way!) until I sat in the car and looked down at my cashmere top beneath.  It was covered in fluff.  I hadn't realised when I wrote to Santa (!) that it contained angora and it's never been a material I've liked due to the fluff factor.  However due to recent media coverage on how a rabbit is actually skinned to get the fur, it's further secured the fact it won't be present in my wardrobe.  I took it off immediately (it had literally been 10 minutes), sorry Santa!

Jeans; Topshop Baxter
Black short sleeved cashmere top: Joseph
Cardi: Jack Wills
Boots: Topshop Adios 
What's been your favourite gifts this Christmas?

PS I also got the lush River Island gem necklace from this post, 3 out of 6 from that post, not bad at all Santa!

PPS I'm off to spend a voucher in the Boden sale, it finished tonight in case you didn't know! 


  1. I treated myself to a Dior Lipglow as well. I loved the Nail Glow so I thought I'd try the lip version and it's as you say -lovely and natural. Totally up my street. I didn't mean to go and buy it - I was on my way to the Clarins counter to find the 3 dot eyeliner. I thought it might be foolproof enough for an idiot like me to use but the Dior counter was before the Clarins and so I forgot the Clarins. Doh.

    Happy New Year Natalie. (I am rather behind as you can tell).

  2. Now as I was typing that post I starting thinking about your Dior nail polish but couldn't remember if it was part of the same series, I will now have to try it! I wanted it at the time then forgot!!!
    And a very Happy New Year to you too hun. Don't you worry, you aren't behind, it's always nice to send good wishes x

  3. You look gorgeous in your red cardi and leopard scarf Natalie. Just stunning xxx

  4. Thanks Liz, shame the scarf had to go back isn't it but my top underneath was covered!x

  5. Love the colour of the cardigan, but hate the fluff (and of course the animal cruelty).


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