Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Birthday: La Redoute, River Island, Bally Switzerland & Gucci

I think I had one of my best birthdays ever at the week-end.  I was truly spoilt by all my friends and family.  I had loads of heart themed presents (my favourite symbol/shape!), baking items, Chanel (make-up), every single present was perfect in it's own way.  With it starting off so well, it made me want to wear some sparkly gems for my trip to Bicester Village.  I had some girly time with my Mum and sister followed by a Chinese take away with all the family (lush!).

My new jewels, a birthday gift.  From River Island.
I never get a proper outfit shot, so this is good as it got for my birthday (in a changing room!).  Leggings are of the shiny variety from La Redoute.  My eldest says they are like Sandy's from Grease…..however surprisingly my 66.5 year old Mum (sorry Mum for sharing your age, but lets face it, no one would guess as you look so young) thought they were fab!  I actually really enjoy wearing them, they glam up an outfit more than plain leggings but worn here with my biker boots, they aren't too much.  I found this great slouchy jumper in the River Island sale for £20 from £40.  I can't see it online to show it to you in more detail but it is a peach colour with two zips (just seen below).  It's a great length to go with leggings if you are in need of that sort of jumper, I would really recommend.

Bag: Balenciaga (my all time favourite, even beats the Chanels…!)
You can just about see the sheen on the leggings here
And finally…..the birthday shoes.  Now I'm a varied shopper.  Those who read my blog regularly will know I don't tend to spend a fortune on clothes, but I do like quality and have always invested in handbags.  I feel it is only fair to treat my feet every so often so with my birthday money I bought these Bally Switzerland suede and leather courts.  I was in love from the moment they went on my feet.  There is no rational behind them, they are just simply divine.  Yes Mum, after a HUGE wardrobe clear out pre Christmas there are several gaps in my wardrobe but the following two items don't need to be a thought processed purchase.  They were a birthday treat, not an every day purchase.  They were over £300 to start with, I can't remember the exact figure but were down to £138.  (PS in keeping with my fabric composition obsession, both shoes are 100% leather in, out and sole and both made in Italy.  Pure quality).  

I've had a thing about suede shoes for a while now, the leather contrast bow makes the suede stand out even more
Gold metal heel and 'Bally' written at the top
Then there were the Gucci's.  My wonderful Sister (and not just because she bought them for me) found them, the last pair and in my size, they were meant to be.  There was just something so different about these sandals.  They are ridiculously high so are purely for show time events only but they felt unique and glamorous all in one.  

£585 down to £265.  Then they heard I was coming so they went down to £132.50.  Approx 77% off (saddo here likes to work these things out)
It's Winter, my toenails are on a vacation from paint at the moment.  Forgive me, I wanted to show the shoes on!
Look at those heels…….
The Gucci bamboo adds some more detail
The ones that got away.  Sorry Mr Jimmy Choo but as much as I loved you and love animal print, you were the cost of both of the above and I just wasn't so in love.

Even though I know no two prints are the same, it still bothered me that from the front the pattens were very different 
Their first outings will of course be shared with you!


  1. LOVE! Absolute love for both shoes. Simply stunning! And just right that for birthday treats you don't buy anything practical! These will be in your wardrobe forever ... excellent shopping :)

  2. Sounds like you had a perfect birthday Natalie & I love both your pairs of new shoes, especially the Bally ones, they're simply stunning. Jane xx

  3. I am seriously in love with the Bally's and there doesn't need to be any rationale for buying something so beautiful. I love and want these. I would so happily hobble in those.

    And I'm glad you passed over the Choo's for the ones you did buy. Sometimes, a name just doesn't cut it.

  4. Oooohv. I absolutely love the Bally shoes. Just beautiful. It looks as though you had a fantastic birthday, Liz xxx

  5. OMG I'm not a shoe person at all but I could be if I had these - wow wow wow - I would wear each pair to bed and never take them off!

  6. Ah thank you all! Always great to feel the love for the purchases, especially when the husband does not get it at all! Sue, there was a part of me that wanted the 'Choo's' to work, simply because I want a pair but style won over name! x

  7. Love your treats, happy birthday! The Jimmy Choo's are just gorgeous:)

  8. You lucky girl! Gorgeous Birthday treats! I totally love the Bally shoes! They are divine! I love that outfit on you too! Happy Belated! Ax


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