Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Purchases: Ikea, Jones Bootmaker & Timberland

Something a little festive for you all, Ikea's tea light holder, how cute is this?  Oh and it only costs £2! They come in silver and black as well as my white and are called the 'Rotera'.  I also grabbed a napkin holder, not particularly festive but it doesn't have to go away for the rest of the year.  This was £3 and called 'Liksidig'.

Next up is my usual out of season buying bargain.  I was on the hunt for some snow boots for the kids and just so happened to come across these little lovelies.  I have blogged previously about my pink Jones Bootmaker ballet pumps and how well they have worn so when I saw these snake print ones, also leather, there were straight in my basket.  £60 originally, down to £19.  Hands up, I admit, I do not need these now and yes, it's Christmas and pennies are tighter.  However when I come to buy these when the weather heats up, they will be 3 times as much, that infuriates me when I know I like something no matter what the current trends are.  So there is my justification!  Granted they will look a lot better with a more tanned foot, they look a little pasty now!

And probably my bargain of the year (considering the time of year, I still can't believe my luck buying a pair of boots at this price).  Another love I've harped on about on here is the Timberland Earthkeeper range.  Like a shoe with the comfort of a slipper, I can literally walk all day in a pair.  Having popped to Bicester Village to look for a coat for the hubby (he did get one, also from Timberland!) I spied these on a sale rack.  £90 down to £25.  I remembered I had a 30% off voucher and they said they accepted them at the outlet as well!  Wait for it, when they scanned they were £15, further 30% off = £10.50!  Yes, I just paid £10.50 for a £90 pair of part leather/canvas boots.  I know, I am still in shock.  They don't look the prettiest of things but needs must on a school run and I think they happen to look a little trendy actually.  Warmer than my animal print Converse, they are perfect for running around after the kids in.   My Ugg's made me feel 'ugly' the other week and I am yet to find a good leather brown ankle boot so these are my interim purchase.  However I have a feeling they may not be so interim after all.  Anyone else been bagging a bargain with all these sales going on?

Guest appearance from Lizzie the cat again


  1. The pictures don't do the bargin boots justice! They are fab

  2. I love both the shoe bargains! And the Timberlands are trendy! Not all in their range are but these are good. I'm not surprised you are so happy.

    And you're totally right about the ballet pumps - strike when the iron's hot.

  3. You are just like me, I love a bargain! I also recently bought some ballet pumps, you have to think ahead when the sales are on!

  4. Thank you for all your support!! I will make sure the husband reads these comments when he moans at me again for what I call an 'necessary purchase (due to saving!)' x

  5. Even the shoe is a bargain it is really fab and if I were to see it first you wont get it. :) http://TheBodyContourCompany.com
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  6. Love the ballet pumps! They are perfect! I just got my boy some gorgeous boots in Jones for school! He looks so cool in them & they were pretty reasonable too! Ax


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