Sunday, 8 September 2013

My Converse Dilema

I love them, on other people but they've never suited my foot for some reason.  Am I alone here?  Since the school runs started two years ago I feel there is a gaping hole in my wardrobe for this style shoe.  I have some old Elle copy cat ones but they really are only bought out in desperation.  Ballet pumps, sandals, flips flops are all great for the runs but when it's wet I need something more but less than a boot.  Superga recently came to the fore front in the canvas trainer game but they too just look odd - it must be my feet!

However my friend introduced me to the slimmer version which I have seen on people but not really put two and two together and thought these may be my answer.  Has anyone got them - would you recommend?  I am yet to try them on my odd feet (there is actually a whole size difference in them, my friends find it very amusing that I have a short, fat left and a long, slim right foot) but I am hoping that they might just work.  Saying that, if they don't maybe my feet just aren't cut out for converse, don't they realise what they are missing?!?!

Animal print Superga

Fearne Cotton in her pink Superga's
And if you are a Converse/Superga fan - laces in or out?!

Nicole Richie in her black Converse


  1. You know me Natalie. I really like them. Despite having my pairs for two years or more, they both pinch my little toe if I wear them too long and I've heard similar elsewhere. The Superga - I never really took to but am revising my views this year. Never say never.

    The slim version of the Converse - I haven't tried. I don't think they suit me as much. I need the slightly heavier sole to balance out my legs. The slimmer ones make my feet look smaller and hence my legs look more carroty.

    But if you're going to do something like this - you need a pair of leopard print ones. I could really see you in those.

  2. I always thought I couldn't wear them - but comfort won over and in the end I just didn't care what I may or may not have looked like.

    Turned out they looked ok - I hope! This may have had a lot to do with attitude - if you *think* something looks wrong I am am convinced it will look / feel it.

    I do like the look/ sound of the slim version though - sounds like they may be worth a try if you are uncertain, not so 'converse-y' if you know what I mean...?

    And I LOVE those pink Supergas!

  3. I finally got my first pair of Converse this year - my issue was that they were too flat. I got the new wedge version Converse. I was interested to read Sue's comment though, as I also find that if I wear them for too long, they start to pinch my little toe. In fact, I'm almost afraid to say it, but I'm not convinced that they're the most comfortable shoe in the world, which makes me question if they are really worth the money?

  4. Check out the Emma Hope ones, they are more delicate that regular Converse, beautifully handmade in the UK so a little pricey, but something you can wear forever (or pick up on Ebay!) The sizes are quite small, her shop is on Westbourne Grove in Nottinghill.

  5. A fair amount of converse, I tried superga's and I didn't find the fit great for me.

    Laces out on boots and in on the lows for some reason! :)

  6. Am loving the animal print Superga. I've avoided converse style trainers up until now as I've wanted to smarten up my style, but I think tr animal print could work.

  7. I am obsessed with Converse - have never found them painful (once they're broken in) and have one pair almost literally falling apart at the seams which my mum chucks out every time she comes to visit, and I fish out the bin as soon as she's gone!

  8. I finally caved last year & bought a pair of red Converse high tops! They aren't the most comfy shoe/boot & I really wish I had listened to my Buddy & bought the shoe version instead as they would of gone with so much more! I see the white ones on other people & love them but with 2 small kiddies they wouldn't stay white for very long! Ax

  9. Comverse really pinch my feet. I get blisters within about ten minutes. Superga are much better!

  10. I love the slim ones, the standard shape definitely dont suit me. But I picked up a wee pair of Lee Cooper in Sports Direct for not much more than a tenner and love them - also slim:) There are also gorgeous replay ones I would love!


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