Thursday, 5 September 2013

More Topshop And Some Discount H&M

First day back to school for my eldest and last day of the sunshine apparently.  So I made sure my legs were skirt ready and donned another Topshop sale bargain (from t'up North, the Middlesborough store again!).  £12 for this little number and it's second outing already.  Skirts and me never used to get on as I'm more hippy and found that they used to swing on me as I would always go up a size.  However with skirts being designed to be worn slightly higher up, it's helped me and my hips/long waist out no end.  I think this is my second skirt this year (from memory) which is an achievement for me!

It is a slightly odd colour, a pale blue that can make you look a bit washed out with a heavier colour so I kept the colour next to it similar.  More tan would have worked perfectly (next year, family wedding, Barbados, this skirt will be there!).  I like that the material works with a few creases.  School runs, sitting in car/at desk etc doesn't make for a crease free life. The colour probably also helps as it doesn't show it up as much either.

Just a quick post tonight as its the first day back to school and we have had a drama filled afternoon (friends little boy had an A&E dash which ended with a broken wrist and his brother joining us for the afternoon) has left the eldest over tired and having a melt down until about 30 minutes ago and me exhausted.  But I will leave you with this piece of magic.  Broke?  Bored and uninspired by clothes?  You can afford 99p right?  Well use these codes and follow these steps and your in for a treat!
  • Browse H&M for a £5.99 treat (I go for tops purely for ease as they always fit me from there)
  • Add it to your basket.  Place a more expensive item to top bill to over £6.
  • Go to checkout.
  • You will be prompted to register if you don't have an account.
  • In the payment option screen, left hand side it automatically ticks the 'invoice' option - amend this to pay by card now (you don't want to be charged more later), add your card details.
  • On the right hand side of this screen add these codes; 1304 & 0769 (£5 off and free delivery to your door!)
  • Now 'remove' the additional item you used to top it up on this same screen.
  • Double check the 99p order value & voila!
Enjoy your 99p treat!  (this kids denim jacket now £6 apparently comes up large, so just ordered one for £1....will let you know!)

PS I've been made aware some peoples orders have been cancelled due to it being below the £6 spend using these codes however others have received theirs.  It's worth a try I guess!  


  1. Lovely outfit Natalie. I love those Topshop skirts but daren't go near them incase they bulk me out. I looked at the white version previously but I couldn't bring myself to get one - I probably get on with skirts as much as you.

    And I was just looking for some H&M codes. Thanks very much!

  2. Brilliant tip! The Miss Marple of online shopping. That skirt is really cute, the blue is really pretty on you.

  3. You should try Sue! It wasn't as bad as I expected.
    Enjoy the H&M, my 99p vest arrived today! I think the denim jacket is on back order so hoping for it in a few weeks. I LOVE a bargain (and just be told off for spending to long hunting them down and not working by hubby, oops!)
    Happy week-end everyone! x


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