Monday, 1 July 2013

The Tale of the Two Tee's!

Grey tees.  Boring but necessary in my book.  Having tried a H&M one twice and both being returned as they holed after one wash, I've been on the look out ever since.  So after months of waiting I find not one but two.  Splendid is a brand I know but rarely buy from mainly due to price (think £50+ for a basic tee).  Cue the sales and a 'meant to be' moment of finding one amongst a long rail of mixed items and sizes, the below is mine!  I must say, the feel of the cotton is pretty special, not sure £50's worth but definitely more than the £7.99 ones I've bought.  Time will tell if this is worth the price tag, however in the mean time I will just wait for the sales to purchase them should it live up to my expectations. At £13 it was definitely worth a try. 

I love the M&S sale.  Free delivery to store and free returns, plus more selection on line than in my small local store.  A v-neck Limited Edition tee with slightly more elastane. £6 in the sale at the time, but now £4! Happy to play these off against each other, in time I'll let you know who wins!


  1. Honestly - you are so tiny! I have to confess that I haven't been 100% happy with my Splendid tee - it started to pill. Pfft. It washes fine, dries fine - no ironing required either but it pilled near my boobs! I've defuzzed it and it's okay but if it had been full price at over £60. I would have been up in arms. But it does need to be borne in mind that mine has no cotton content in it whatsoever. Be interesting to see how the two you have fair against each other.

  2. I love an essential plain tee, especially with the addition of my now favourite statement necklace! I love them in white however (the colour that got a post on my blog!!) but never buy them too expensive as the colour changes so easily, best to keep replacing to keep fresh!

  3. Oh so glad I didn't pay the full price then Sue! Yes, time will tell.
    I've just always found that no matter the colour, cheaper ones just loose their shape after a few washes. When it's a wardrobe basic/staple I want one to stay put in there not end up in the rag bag bin in a few months. Mission decent tee's continues! x

  4. I prefer the look of the M&S one but with you're cute teeny frame both look good x


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