Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Some Reiss in my Life!

After my month long shopping ban in May I struggled to find anything that excited me in the shops.  I thought the ban did me good to re-evaluate what I had, take stock of what was worn and what was needed.  Then the sales started and I lost all self control.  Always led by a discount, coupled with a fabulous staff discount, there really is only one Harrods sale!  Ouch to the purse and so starts another ban commences (when contract finishes next week obviously!).

I've started to move away from some of the more obvious choices on the high street, mainly due to quality and sometimes certain shops being a little to 'high fashion' for me.  On a normal week I need a smart/casual wardrobe that stands the test of time fabric and style wise.  I've turned to Reiss, Whistles, Zara and the likes of small independent boutiques such as Coco Marie (competition coming soon, watch this space!) who stock great key brands under one roof.

'More cardigans' I hear you roar! But they are so versatile I shout back! Both are from Reiss and worked out at under £30 each with my discount. I love how the striped one is elasticated at the back to fit into the waist.

Classic stripe, it's fitted and well designed

This mint green cardi is a little more casual due to the 'Grandad' style cut and textured cotton knit. It's a great seasonal piece as the colour is Spring/Summer yet the thickness works for our cooler climates.

I wore it with simple blue Topshop jeans (blue and green shouldn't be seen - rules are meant to be broken...), white M&S vest, gold Topshop belt and mint Office ballet pumps (all old, and I'm talking 2 years + for the rest of the outfit)

I'm not gong to bore you in one long blog post about my recent finds/purchases as 1) It highlights the fact I've been naughty recently with my budget and 2) I can drone on with over excitement! So for your sake I will group together. Enjoy!


  1. I love a good cardi! I am on day 26 of no spending (aiming to do 100) and so far so good - if I take a deep breath I can resist the urge to NOT buy but it's been so hard with these fab sales on

  2. Your braver than me doing 100 days! I think I need to come out about the cardi problem I have, I thought it was handbags, then stripes but now it's the cardi's! x


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