Monday, 4 February 2013

Hitting TK Maxx (again) and Eagerly Awaiting the Chubby Stick for Eyes

I did literally just 'pop' in and only bought a Mothers Day present (so my ban did still stand, more on that in the following post...) but I always have to have a quick flick.  I love the brand Antoni & Alison and TK Maxx have had regular drops of it recently.  The knits are always quirky and the cashmere is just another tick for them in my opinion.  They have a cheaper cotton range and I fell for this jumper which had an RRP of £175 and a price to TK Maxx customers of £24.99.  Bargain!  Happy Valentines to me - well nearly, I didn't purchase!  They also have a full stock of sunglasses, much to my daughters delight.  Start looking now as you will find the high end brands will sell quickly.  My sister is on her second pair from them this year already, Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana, both with original boxes and under £40 each. 


Even the Hello Kitty hairband came off to try these on!

I think this Karl by Karl Lagerfeld blazer found by my sister (our bargain hunter instincts does run in the family!) is an absolute gem.  An RRP of £309, down to £37 in final clearance, again TK Maxx.  It is pot luck with them sometimes and this was one of those finds.  The pictures don't do it justice, the cut looked amazing on her and nipped in at all the right places.  Even the buttons had 'Karl' etched on each of them.  With wool in it also, you would pay more on the High Street for a cotton blazer than this.  Star buy Emma!

Don't forget to remove that stitch at the bottom Emma!

A close up to show the material!  

And finally I was so excited to hear that Clinique are bringing out a Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for your eyes.  Launching on the 15th of February, my Debenhams Birthday voucher has been earmarked for one.  I am a huge fan of the lip version.  It is one of the only lip sticks I have ever finished and replaced.  They go on so easily as its a fat pencil, they don't stick to my hair like a gloss does and they add subtle colour without being too dramatic.  I hope the eye version lives up to my expectations!

Eye candy!


  1. Wow, your sister did very well! That's a stunning jacket. As a big fan of the Clinique chubby sticks, I am also awaiting their eye sticks with high expectations :) Helen

  2. As Helen says, your sis did well. I never spot things like that in TK Maxx. I used to have more patience but time is precious when shopping so I don't usually go in as I need everything laid out for me to do a smash and grab. When the boys are both in school and I have more time - then I will have another go.

    1. Am with you Sue, it a shop that needs time to browse around but when you do, it's worth it! x

  3. That is a great jacket! Wish I lived near a TK Maxx although I hear they can be hit and miss, depends on your store xx

  4. Yes definitely hit and miss but I've recently bought on line from them and also found some great items so worth a look there. x

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  6. Those buttons are lovely on that blazer


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