Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Shopping List versus My Bargain Hunter Instinct

I had a few meal/night's out on recently.  Now given clothes are 'my thing' you'd think putting an outfit together would be easy peasy.  Not the case.  I've learnt a very important lesson, I am a bargain hunter by trade, I LOVE a good deal.  So much so, I am lead by price and not by need.  I realised I had no black skinny jeans, nor smart dark blue ones come to that.  My original blue and black ones are so old they are grey and pale blue.  This is fine for every day wear as they still look acceptable.  But not for a night out.  I ended up in black tights, shoe boots and black dress but I felt so over dressed that it's made me re-think my staples.  So in a bid to be more clothes ready, here is my shopping list.  This is saved on my mobile so when I do hit the shops, I know what I need.

  • black and dark blue skinny jeans
  • black ankle boots (smart/casual, like the Acne Pistol but cheaper!)
  • smart tee-shirts
  • black court shoes (ones I can walk in)
  • black blazer (I have navy)
  • comfortable ballet pumps (others have died a death)

In a bid to keep my wardrobe colourful, I seem to have neglected the black items and now have a gaping whole (drama Queen) where they need to be.  No one is perfect, even when we profess to making a living out of it!

So on a quest to start searching for my missing items, I made the obvious, easy choice for myself and looked for ballet pumps.  So far I still prefer this classic style over the slipper style pump that appeared last year.  I started, but now I'm stopping - I very nearly put the below in the basket and checked out.  All leather pairs and free delivery over £50.  Not intending to keep them all, I like choice so would have returned 2 pairs.  However I am on a self imposed ban after a very busy Christmas followed by too many birthdays.  My first shop, and I could have easily broken the ban but I would have then spent too long beating myself up over it.  They will be there when I can afford them if they are meant to be!

What are you missing ing your wardrobe?

£22.99 Zara

£39.99 Zara


  1. Zara have some great black kitten heel shoes in suede - perfect for getting around in:)

    1. Joanna - your not supposed to be encouraging me!!! x

  2. I hate dressing up to go out - I find it a bore and a chore. I live for comfort and can do daytime dressing only. I think you can classify your list as a wants vs needs. I don't really need anything - does anybody with a wardrobe full of clothes - however, I want lots. Zara just dropped loads of stuff on their website in the last couple of days. I was happily putting them all in the basket and stopped at £250. I don't have £250. Ah well - it was fun whilst it lasted.

    1. I hear you Sue. My daily routine doesn't allow for dress up - but I do love to dress up! However as it's not a regular thing, staples have been neglected, time to sort this out!
      Oh I do neeeeeed a lot of things though.....
      Well done you, not so sure I would have not checked out, Zara has loads in I love at the moment! x

  3. I'm quite sure that I need black ankle boots .. and actually a new pair of black shoe boots wouldn't go amiss either. OK, maybe the shoe boots should be listed under 'want' rather than 'need'. Zara is dangerous right now .. far too many nice things on sale. Need to do the lottery this weekend!

    1. oooh, think I may play this week-end now as well !x

  4. Fab ballet pumps, I have loads of things missing even though I am constantly waxing lyrical about wardrobe staples, useless cow I am!


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