Thursday, 8 November 2012

'That' Zara coat and my French Connection one!

Well after a manic half term with lots of cramming things in, I did manage to pop into a Zara to try on the coat I fell for on someone else in my last post.  I (as well as my bank balance) am happy to report it didn't live up to my expectations.  It was as I expected up close.  Well made, great materials, classy and edgy and a little bit different to the norm, yet it just didn't work on me.  Maybe it was the casual outfit I was wearing (although as initially reported, the lady wearing it was wearing a converse pump style shoe) or maybe it was just not meant to be.  Being petite I felt it swamped me instead of doing what it should, flattering me.  It also looked in my opinion a little bit bland and nondescript.  Whether it was £119 or £19, you should never do 'nondescript', we are worth more!

So I am now left very pleased with my £60 French Connection coat that I previously blogged about here, and finally a picture with it on!  Excuse the bad hair day, it was after a late night at a wedding and also very windy!  I do not like having my photo taken but for the sake of sharing a good coat.....

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