Monday, 19 November 2012

Eyebrow Re-Shape

Spot the difference!
 I admit that I get a little tweezer happy when it comes to my eyebrows.  I have dark hair so if I don't keep on top of them, I feel un-groomed.  I decided to ask a professional as felt I was penciling in a lot more than normal.  Apparently I really need to let them bush out!  I had read an article ages ago about where they should start (using a pencil from the centre of the nose to inner corner of my eye) but this was remembered incorrectly!  It is from the edge of the nose straight up, oops!  It is always worth refreshing your memory with beauty routines by asking an expert.  She also introduced me to Benefit brow zings which she hugely rated as said it was softer and more subtle than a pencil and brown gel.  I tried my friends at the week-end and thought it did a great job of filling in rather than a pencil so it's now on my Christmas list, I just need to visit a Benefit counter to pick the best shade.  In the mean time, I found an old (yes I know it should probably be in the bin, but at least it gets me used to brushing my eyebrows through rather than penciling) Body Shop kit, which doesn't have the wax that the Benefit one comes with but it looks better than what I've been using.  I must admit, I think the thicker brow I've been wearing for the last few days has made a difference, next beauty refresher - hairdressers!  Have you tried anything new in your routine recently?

Benefit Brow Zings £22.50
The Body Shop £10



  1. Show us your pretty face not just your eyebrow!!!
    Your eyebrows frame your eyes and open up your face so definitely not an area to shy away from or let grow wild! I usually just use a brown eyeshadow to fill in & make them look groomed - works for me, but maybe this Benefit thing will go on my list too. And you can get it from Boots too and collect points!!

  2. Honestly, was not so pretty as was late! Mine definitely need to be set in place, I have so long hairs up there so need that wax! Chicken pox scares have left me with quite a few gaps too so want this proper kit. Need to try the shades though as my friends was a little too light I think. Will let you know how I get on! x


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