Thursday, 15 November 2012

A Winter Wedding

I did end up wearing my bargain French Connection shift dress to a friends wedding.  However being busy with the girls, I left piecing the look together until the last minute (I always work better under pressure!).  The suede peep toes I had planned on wearing, once tried on, reminded me exactly how unconformable they were.  This was a 12pm wedding, I had to last 12 hours, these weren't going to work!

Luckily it was half term and a customary trip to Ikea for meatballs, left me next door to a shopping centre.  So I hit the shopping centre hard, with a 2 hour limit.  30 minutes to go, slightly panicked, I ended up with some Ted Baker court shoes from TK Maxx.  I loved the colour and I thought it would work well with the dress, adding some warmth and softness to the overall look.  Luckily I knew I had an unused (I knew it was going to work for me one day!) Coccinelle clutch, also from TK Maxx that even though was not an exact match, as my clutch didn't sit right next to the shoes, it would work.  Throw in a free Nails Inc nailpolish I had from a magazine and  a new £1 Clinique Chubby Stick in Curvy Candy (thank you Debenhams for my £15 Beauty Card Reward - stick is £16 RRP) and I was pleased with my final look.

My only regret is my necklace.  I should have worn my bold flower one and foolishly listened to my husband who had a very strong opinion on it (does anyone else do that - ignore their own opinion in favour of someone who really doesn't know best?).  But it wasn't a major fashion disaster, we live and learn!  The dress was so comfortable and not tight and restricting and the shoes were so good to my feet that I can't wait to have the opportunity to wear them again!

The shoes that saved the day! £49.99 all leather and free nailpolish

The 'old' clutch and new lippy

The necklace worn (New Look Limited Edition)

What I think I should have worn!(Topshop)

Group shot of accessories (and the better necklace!)

The final ensemble (yes I wore a coat!)


  1. Love the look - so polished yet effortless and love the splash of colour.
    Both the necklaces look great, but yes, lesson learned, don't always listen to the hubby - the flower one's awesome!!

  2. Ah thank you - that's the way I believe it should be exactly - polished yet effortless, great words to sum me up! The flower one has had many a wear, a great find by super stylish friend! x


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