Wednesday, 17 October 2012

In need of a colourful post!

Well it's been a very sleep deprived week, with a poorly 5 year old.  So with that in mind, I am going all out to bring a colourful, glam picture to you all, not only to brighten your day, but mine as well!

Introducing the lovely Lizzie (Liz to everyone else, but always my Lizzie), who is blessed in the figure department, can make a black bin liner look amazing, but also a £16 dress from Matalan.  Yes fashionista's out there who are looking at this dress and drooling over it, it is from Matalan!  The collar, bird print, colour and pleated bottom half, complete with buttons to the neck is one hell of a dress for the money.  I can't find it on the website, and had I been taller, I would have pinched this from her as she slipped into her evening outfit.  A perfect, easy dress, fit for afternoon tea at The Dorchester, for one's Hen do of course!  I'm not going to share my pose with the cars outside the hotel, as unlike my gorgeous friend, I am in desperate need of perfecting a full on pose.  We are all jealous Lizzie, you were born with it, so enjoy it!

Dress; Matalan
Shoes; Dune
Car; Ferrari, owner unknown (we would have liked to have known...)

Special thanks to Lizzie for allowing me to feature her!

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