Friday, 26 October 2012

Does your Home Interioirs reflect your Personal Style?

Ever one to draw inspiration from all sources, most recently from an evening baby sitting!  My friend J had told me about her living room changes and without knowing how utterly stylish she was being she had opted for for a 'Carrie Bradshaw' look.  Previously she had a featured deep red wall, she has lifted the mood entirely with this amazing blue and taupe combo.  On a budget, a trip to Ikea spruced up a lamp, some new cushions and a throw. I think it looks amazing!

I love this modern print, also from Ikea!

This left me thinking about my own interiors.  I am not daring in my own pursuit of colour, I enjoy relaxed neutral tones, my whole house is the 'hint of' range from Dulux!  This is reflected in my own personal choice of colour when I'm dressing.  Greys, taupes, dull some may say but I enjoy wearing them!  It was actually one of the first things my tutor noticed about me when I was studying at London College of Fashion, so just to throw her, I wore a green blazer one day!  You can't help wearing what you enjoy, and sometimes I do feel like adding a blast of colour, but usually with accessories.  My friend J who's living room grabbed me, has always been one for wearing colour and patterns and she looks great in them.  I am always open to inspiration of any kind, I am now just trying to find a way of incorporating that lovely blue into my life/wardrobe/home!

My neautral colour pallets!

Does your interior choice reflect your clothing?

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