Saturday, 22 September 2012

My Weekly Tesco Shop....

Ended up a little more exciting this week!  As 'A' woke up earlier than planned (my plan, not hers) from her nap, I ended up with a whole 30 minutes extra in Tesco, yes I know, I am a lucky lady.  Feeling a little a drift with this extra time, I of course made my way to the clothing section, for me, not the children!  Low and behold, a 10 minute changing room session later and I come out with 2 pairs of new trousers, and still a happy baby in tow.  Always reluctant to try on trousers, I am lazy when it comes to them as I find them hard to shop for, I forced myself with this added time to make the effort.  I still like to stick to darker colours for my bottom half, I tried some light green ones on but they just emphasized the parts I didn't want to.  So I chose these dark green soft trousers with zips up the ankles (£14), and these oiled like black ones (£16, which the husband hates!).  Both came in a shorter leg - well done Tesco!  I will model them at a later date for you!

 Off to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow and I can't wait.  I always have a great day out with my sister and we hopefully will discover a new brand for us to get our teeth into!

On a more 'Wintery' note, Timberland have just launched these.  For those of you who follow my blog, you will already know how I feel about their Earthkeeper range and these look so nice.  Will be looking out for a sale or discount code, £140 full price.


  1. I LOVE those Timberland boots... must see if they are available in black. Please share a discount code if you find one GR!

  2. They do them in a dark brown;
    I will share, promise!


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