Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A little Chanel Coco Noir Pour Moi!

Even the beautiful boxes bring me joy!

So my husband was lucky enough to get a rather generous voucher from his employee for his 10 year service.  I of course have been on hand to help him make the correct purchases.  After some new trainers and gym things for him, the necessary house bits (cushions and a new milk pan for my Horlicks, don't ask) I managed to sneak in a little treat for myself.  And why not!  I believe every lady deserves a little Chanel in her life.  I finally got my Chanel Particuliere nail polish (I did point out to him I had waited patiently for over 2 years for this colour since it's launch in January 2010) and also the new Coco Noir eau de Parfum.  Chanel Gardenia is my absolute favourite, but I do have to admit, my wise friend was correct that as it is a eau de Toilette, it doesn't last.  I am happy to report the Parfum does, and it is oh so lovely!  Thank you also to Debenhams for making it an even more delightful purchase by letting me use a 15% off code!  (Yes, I even refuse to pay full price for Chanel)


  1. Ohh, lucky you getting Chanel. Worth the wait!

  2. I have this colour as well - it is rather irresistible. If you ever run out - try out Barry M's Mushroom. Its a fab dupe and goes on beautifully - infact I tend to wear that more than the Chanel (but that might be because the Chanel was so expensive and I don't want it to run out).

  3. Oooh thanks for the tip off Sue, I will bare that in mind. x


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