Sunday, 9 September 2012


I managed to have some decent time in H&M the other day, I feel it is a shop that needs time devoted for a rummage.  I came out with the two items shown.  I have been missing a black vest for a while now, not just a cotton every day one but a more plush one that can dress up jeans or talk down smart trousers by keeping it simple.  I love the fluro pink internal edging that just peaks through, it offers something that little bit unusual to what could be an otherwise very plain top.  This was £14.99.

My love of stripes continues, especially for my top half!  I have branched out slightly though (!) with a burgundy stripe instead of my normal black or navy.  Light weight 100% cotton, I thought this was a great price for £12.99, and for the coming Autumn months.  I have some burgundy boots I would like to pair it with along with some black skinnies (this look is for when it gets cooler obviously!).  On the skinnies front, whilst in the changing room the other day with my sister, we had many a mirror around us (it was one of THOSE changing rooms...), oh my, that was not the sight I was expecting of myself!  Being a very petite person, I have always stuck with skinnies and nearly always turn them up .  Now either it was the mirrors or my shape has changed since my last proper inspection!  I think I need to veer towards some more straight leg trousers, like my Next chinos.  For some reason, I do feel smarter and more pulled together in them.  I am a proper jean'aholic' and seeing myself in that long mirror from a distance really homed in on my post baby body shape.  Age also factors into the need to adjust, sometimes, it just creeps up on us!
On top of bra shopping, bottom half shopping is 2nd in line for my worst items to shop for so wish me luck!

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