Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Me Maintenance

So I've been a little slack on the posting updates.  Believe it or not, I write them very quickly then got complacent about checking them, adding photos (ironing my clothes...!) and releasing them for the world to see!

Following on from my slack approach to publishing my draft posts, is my general maintenance!  The other day I had a nice long bath (I am not a bather!) to shave the legs - OMG, why on earth have I neglected them for so long?  They will need a second going over before the week is out!  I then treated myself to lashings of L'occitaine body lotion, so smelt of cherries, honestly!

The next on my general maintenance list was my nails.  My 5 year old manages to escape to her country house (located in the suburb of.....our garden) and promptly comes back out with all 20 nails polished, neatly no, but painted in the purest of pink none the less.  For fear of wasting my oh so precious time and throwing my toys out of the pram for smudging them in minutes, I decided to take my own advice previously blogged about and paint in stages.  So one evening I base and 1st coat them, then next day before a car journey I 2nd coat and viola, no smudging!  48 hours on and although slightly scuffed at the ends, I am highly impressed with my Barbara Daly for Tesco nail polish recommended by a fellow shopaholic T.

This week, my aim is to wash my hair...........

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