Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sale - My Favourite Word

It hits me hard, I hate seeing it, I feel obliged to enter wherever I see the sign, I just can not pass and walk away, I LOVE A SALE.COM

So my lovely Gap shoes.  I saw them weeks previously at £59.99 and with my 25% off still felt I couldn't justify them.  In I go when I see the sign and my heart skips a beat, now £29.99.  I try them on (again), then put them neatly back on the shelf and take photo's (?!?!?!).  Texting them to the shoe queen T who tells me to go back in for a size 5 for her and to get them so we can start a Yummy Mummy uniform!  2 hours later I go back (plenty on the shelf, don't worry, I wouldn't have taken that risk had there only been a few pairs!).  Trying them on again for a third time, I finally hand over my card.  A un-needed naughty buy they might be, but look at the saving!

PS they were in my fav magazine Look so it was meant to be.....

1 comment:

  1. Glam, you so can sniff a bargain at 20 yards. Well done, a well deserved summer shoe investment!!


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