Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Elizabeth Arden Intervene Face Cream

The oldies are always the best!  I try to not scrimp on my face creams, you get what you pay for and Lizzie Arden and Lancome are my preferred choice. I was lucky enough to be at a John Lewis on the first day of the sale and I found this lovely little bottle (boxed and sealed of course).  It was half price as I was told they are bringing out a new line.  At £15.50 I thought I would try a lotion instead as I normally use a cream. It has SPF 15 in it (always get an SPF) and oil free.  I am impressed.  Yes I know that is it now, I won't be able to buy it again as its a finished line but my skin likes change anyway so I will go back to a heavier cream in the Winter.  If you hunt around you can still get expensive creams at a reasonable price. This one is currently still £31 on-line at Boots, but I also saw it in store for half price so make sure you look around in store - on-line isn't cheaper in this rare instance!

PS I love the glass bottle, makes it feel expensive in my hand before I even apply to my face!

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