Friday, 11 May 2012

Out of Season Shopping

How uninspiring is this weather right now? Blimey, it's taking everything out of me not to chuck my big puffa on over my PJ's for the school run! Not helped when the 5 year old tells me my hair looks a mess (well that's because I've spent my time doing yours my lovely so now have no time left for me!) promptly followed by; "peach isn't your colour Mummy" - I give up! I guess you can always rely on children for an honest opinion!

As I live local to Bicester Village (how lucky, yes I know!) I do tend to pop in as often as my bank balance will allow to scan for some amazing deals. I've talked before about out of season investment buying and I think this is a good example of one! Snow boots! Timberland, waterproof (obviously!) and leather, originally £115.00, price to me £17.49! Crazy as it may seem, at that price, who wouldn't? May even be wearing them sooner than I think.....

1 comment:

  1. Excellent price!! Bargain hunter Glamrosie strikes again! x


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