Thursday, 29 March 2012

M&S & My Fab Chubby Stick!

Just ordered this in the M&S sale, looks cute in the picture, I will let you know the outcome when it turns up. I will obviously be wearing a little more underneath it!

Love my Clinique chubby stick in Watermelon. Looks very pink on the outside, but is a great shear colour. So easy to put on in a hurry and very moisturising.


  1. Ooh I am dying to try chubby sticks, how sheer is it? more lipbalm or lipstick?
    Love your blog

  2. Thanks Lucy. It is really sheer, a hint of colour but you can easily build it up if you layer it on (I just keep piling it on!). It is great for 'on the run' as you don't need a mirror, it really is just a 'chubby' lip balm! Highly recommend!x


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