Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sales Update!

Topshop - silk dress sold out even after I had checked out & purchased, so annoying! So it didn't turn up with my order. Tunic dress not so fab but cape a bargain for £15 for Summer, so tucking that little gem away. Went back on-line the other night as had an email through saying further discounts and new lines added, trying some more bits! In need for a School run coat - long, hooded and warm. Found one (how did I miss it before?!?) for less than half price with great reviews so giving that a whirl - lets hope it makes it to my door this time!

Managed to try on the Timberland boots in store and they were too high up my leg. Instead I went for these Earthkeepers ones. I love them - and they are even waterproof! Can't wait until I am back in my navy skinnies AB (after birth!!) and can wear these lush brown boots with them. On school runs I have been only in flats, these were so comfortable and a really sturdy, stocky heel so will see how I go.

Also tried on the Miss Selfridge gilet in store - not in my size, but I got the jist. Another no no, just wasn't up to much really for £40.

On-line sale shopping lesson learnt - majority I liked has not been the same in the flesh, so get out if you can and view the real deal! Needs must though, and as I'm nearly ready to pop, places like Topshop are just too busy for me so I have resorted to on-line ordering twice. But when I have managed to get out in the week and view some of the bits I've liked on-line, it has saved me the hassle of returns as they haven't been right.

Happy New Year to everyone! Here's to a stylish and comfortable one for all!


  1. Love the boots, not in the market right now for them as have a similar pair, but when need to replace will def try Earthkeepers.

  2. Let me know if you do buy any and rate them as highly. My husband got some in the sales and has also commented on how comfortable they are (he wouldn't normally make any comment so they must be good!)


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