Thursday, 11 November 2010


Have been a little slack on my blog front recently - am very sorry. House selling & holidays have taken over! Have a saved blog very nearly ready to go but in the mean time to keep you interested (please don't stray!)just a few special deals for you to try!

The more I talk to people, the more I hear no one has yet found the 'perfect' mascara. So today I took an old one to the Clinique counter in Boots who currently will replace any old one with a sample of theirs.

VIE at home (used to be Virgin Vie) are also giving away (yes, really!) their £12.50 mascara for just £2.50 to cover postage. Order via their website (highlighted), it's the 'Precision Lash' mascara, enter 'LASH' in the promo box. Valid until 3rd December.

La Senza have a Christmas Gift guide leaflet by their tills. 20% off voucher in the back, valid until 30th November.

This week's Grazia has 20% off voucher for Asos, valid until next Tuesday 16th from memory

Be back soon!

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