Thursday, 4 November 2010

Glamrosie's Catch up!

So I felt it only fair to give you guys an update on previous posts.

I am now firmly into my eye creams. I use Clarins Eye Contour Gel in the morning, which I purchased from Feelunique, as they were the same price as Duty Free! It's a light blue gel that is so re-freshing first thing and once dried doesn't affect my make up. The 3ml sample I initially trialled is still going, so the 20ml actual size is going to last me a while! At night I am now using Elizabeth Arden Millenium Eye Renewal Cream. It absorbs in really well. Over all I feel I am less darker and definitely less puffy around the eye area going into my thirties! Need to keep this up in my cream routine.

For my under eye concealer I am using Clarins Instant Light Brush On Perfector which I purchased from Boots as was in need so didn't shop around on the Internet for it any cheaper. I spent an evening and a lunch break trying lots of new ones and found this product. It appears that I have been wearing the wrong sort of shade around my eyes. I always lent toward a lighter colour, but after seeking advise from the assistant, all it was doing was making them look blue and veiny. I am so pleased I actually spent the time trying different brands. Along with my gels and creams, this has made a huge difference to my eye area.

Also from my wish list I have purchased some new silver hoops. I found them in a store that was closing down with a BOGOF offer so got a Amber stud pair too for £12! Grey skinnies - Topshop Baxter style have a great colour which I now live in! And I did order the New Look boots with the zip up the side (image below in blog 'Winter Boots' the last pair), am very pleased with them, worn loads already.

I have been slack on the Christmas party outfit. I always do this, hence why I nag myself to start as early as possible. I have my New Look Limited Edition sequin skirt (seen below in blog 'Wish List October 2010') but I am yet to find anything to go with it. I really need to spend some time on Asos, free delivery and returns now. Need to order the silk top from them and give it a try asap or i'll end up last! A cotton top won't be dressy enough. Topshop have now re-launched their 'Rae' style (seen below in blog 'Topshop Rae Shoes') in a bronze patent colour which not only is bang on shoe trend but goes with the skirt. Will update you when I get there! Do shout if you are searching too, whilst I am looking, I can for you also. Warehouse seem to have a great selection of party frocks in at the moment.

After trying to order online for hours, I finally managed to bag a Kate Moss classic tea dress from her last collection with Topshop. A little pricer than what I normally spend at £60 but hey, it's Kate! Shown above, yet to arrive in the post!

Currently on my shopping list are 1) some new Shu Uemura eyelash curlers. After about 4 years (supposed to only last a year!) they have finally given up the ghost. They are the best little miracle workers in my make-up box. 2) And I keep putting these off some new bra's. Need to take my own advice and invest (just so hard to spend £50 on 2 bra's and know for that I can get a pair of leather boots...) needs must!

Shops to visit this month - Biba's re-launch at House of Fraser and if I manage a trip to London, Lilly Allens vintage clothes boutique Lucy in Disguise.

Happy November!

PS I want a dress that Olivia Palermo has modelled in Mango, not that she's helped design it, purely because she has worn it! Love the one shoulder purple sequined dress!

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