Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Our High Street

Kerry asks Glamrosie via Facebook;
I have recently just had a baby but my old wardrobe is awful. As I am now on rubbish maternity pay, where can I shop that is good value for money and not Primark as although cheap, would like them to last :-)

Fabrics – probably one of my biggest rules! I always check the fabric content. Especially come winter, I need wool, not acrylic. You will get to know what’s worth the money and what isn’t quite quickly. 100% cotton is great for summer tops, but there’s no warmth for the winter and after a while, they do lose their shape.

I wouldn’t write off Primark completely. It’s all about accessories at the moment, big bold ones, I think Primark has it’s place for things like this. You can grab a cute clutch or day handbag for under £10. If you want to update a look quickly and cheaply, they do really good scarves and jewellery. I also use them for basic layers, long and short Tee’s and tights. They have just launched a Limited Edition range. I am yet to see the collection as it’s only in the bigger stores but have seen people wear some pieces and they look fab.

New Look, H&M & Topshop are probably my favourite High Street shops at the moment. H&M is really worth a good rummage, they have some great items and of the 3 shops I’ve just mentioned, probably the cheapest. If you sign up to their newsletter via their website, you will get 25% discount on 1 item online.

River Island & Dorothy Perkins are featured quite regularly in a lot of magazines at the moment. Just had a voucher code through from Dorothy Perkins for free delivery, including items in their sale (now with an additional 20% off until Friday!). Use VCDELFREE at the checkout. River Island’s sale is also now on!

New Look – I really couldn’t rave enough about them especially their Limited Edition collection (see blogs below, been mentioned once or twice!). They have a free magazine in store, grab this as there’s always a 20% off voucher in the back for a certain time period. Worth making a little shopping list with them then waiting until the voucher is active. Free delivery online at the time of going to blog press!

M&S – don’t over look them! Their Limited Collection and Autograph range has come a long way, especially their shoes! Also great for classic items such as wool cardigans. I bought a long grey one there last year when they were doing 20% off everything. It has washed so well, am very pleased with the quality.

Sign up to your favourite shops online. You can get emails on what’s new in, offers and sometimes advanced warning of sales.

Please don’t forget most shops now have free returns to store. I used to be so put off by internet shopping but now I am a huge advocate. No parking fee’s, no banging into people, no food fee’s (lunch, coffee’s etc!). I still rarely pay delivery for something, there are always codes about and places like Miss Selfridge, Topshop & Asos now have free returns via post too.

Remember to follow me on Twitter as I try to update daily with any current discounts and offers.

If you would like me to tag along on your shopping trip to lend a hand, contact me privately to arrange. glamrosie@hotmail.co.uk

PS take a little bit of time with this to invest in some key peices. My next blog will be on a capsule wardrobe, so get some more idea's from that!

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