Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Designer Sunglasses

People, Pleeease don't go paying full price for yours! When you find the pair just right for you, take down the style code (or make some excuse to the shopping assistant that they are going on your birthday list blah blah blah) then Google! You can save so much money by buying direct from the Internet or even shipping from abroad! My Versace's i found in Debenhams, then found them twice (1st pair i lost somewhere down Bond Street out the back of the pram....!) at least £50 cheaper on the web! Once from glassescentre.com then the second time was on Ebay. Same with my Prada's, yes i waited a few months for them to come up on Ebay but i would rather do that and pocket an extra £50. Save the code as a search on Ebay then they will just email you when someone lists them. Honestly, it's the way forward if you haven't got bags of cash to throw around on designer item's but insist on the luxury! Email me if you need help, just make sure you get all the code from the inside arm of the glasses, good luck!

(My Prada SPS50i in black colour code 1BO1A1 shown above, £99.99 inc delivery from Ebay, i found originally for £165 in duty free!)

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  1. I always loved Ray Bans and wanted a pair of Designer Sunglasses for ages until I tried some on and the style just didn't suit my face shape! Booo haha


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