Sunday, 15 August 2010


After my recent Virgin Camper experience, my top 5 must have's for yummy mummy's that have to camp (but insist on still looking damn good);

1. Hunter wellies, a celeb staple and seen at all festivals. Not only are these too cool for school (think Kate Moss!) but they really are the best waterproof welly on the market! I bought the shorter version as I was not blessed in the height department and opted for the bright pink (as advised by a wise friend, why spend all that money on wellies for them not to stand out?!?!). Recommend, fast next day delivery & great prices.

2. North Face gilet, especially if you are camping in the UK, the weather changes at the drop of a hat! So handy for chucking on and when you have kids you easily get hot & bothered running about after them, so no sleeves keeps you at just the right body temperature, I lived in mine! Currently on offer at Blacks (follow high-lighted link)

3. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin protectant - a must! Not only is this wonder balm good for you (lips, nails...), but is great for any cuts/insect bites the kids may pick up. A truly 'can't live without' product.

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo, in case you have very dodgy showers which you (or your child!) refuses to use! A few sprays, a comb, chuck it back in a pony tail, and as good as new!

5. An SPF daily face moisturiser - should be a staple, but we need to be reminded at times ladies! Our skin is just as important as our kids. To save time (which lets be honest we rarely have) by applying a normal cream then a sun cream, ensure you take with you an all in one. Most ranges do have an SPF in now, so grab one and take it along. I use an Olay one, as it's a small tube I can just pack in my handbag and apply through-out the day if needs be. Has an SPF 15.

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