Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Adidas Bargains at John Lewis

I went to the new store in Oxford the other day (ok, I did the High Wycombe one also - but that was for sofa shopping!).  The new shopping area is nice, you need time as it's fairly spread out.  I'm getting old and more often than not like my shops very close together not only for my little legs but mainly due to a lack of time.  The store is nice, I wouldn't say more stock just spread/laid out better really. Anyway, back to what I wanted to say which is I grabbed two bargain pairs of trainers from them. They are both so comfy, not for now, more Spring and were bought with a big family holiday abroad in Easter in mind (lots of walking!).  I've been after a lighter colour and not white for a while. The cloudfoam inner in both makes them supper comfortable.  Not many sizes online so be quick but check stores too.

£64.95 down to £32.  A size 4 and 6 online here

They have a blue in size 5 online here.

£49.95 down to £24.50 but only a 4 left online here.

They did have some on the Adidas website too so worth a browse there.  I went half a size up as the padded innersole does make them a little tighter but then I do tend to in a trainer anyway.  Happy shopping!

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