Sunday, 20 November 2016

Some eBay Bargains

This post has been a long time coming as I kept meaning to share it earlier in the year but then Winter passed and the items didn't seem relevant.  The principle however did remain the same.  I am a contemplator. I don't tend to make decisions easily, especially with my wardrobe.  Being a bargain hunter I hate paying full price for items so try to hang on for sales.  That being said, it doesn't always work so eBay has been great when I feel I've missed out on something.  Queue this post I wrote 2 years ago about the pale pink faux fur gilet in Topshop.  I popped it on here, on my Christmas list, no one took the hint and it sold out.  I then saved a search on eBay for what seemed like eternity.  I missed out on another that my husband was supposed to bid on for me (yes he got a telling off) then finally this grey one popped up.  I paid £30 for it, it was second hand but in new condition.  Yes, I possibly think that paying £60 for the pale pink one 2 years earlier may have been the right thing to do but hind sight is a great thing.  Oh and thank God for eBay!

Gilet; Topshop via eBay 
Jumper; & Other Stories
Bag; Chloe
Hat & Gloves, Moschino via TK Maxx
Jeans; Topshop
Trainers; Nike
Gilet, jumper and jeans all Topshop!
Trainer boots; Timberland
Next up was another Topshop faux fur, this time a proper 'Bet' jacket.  Am sure I've featured it on here before but this was another eBay purchase.  It actually came up as a suggested item when I was looking for my gilet.  Then I got hooked on finding a decent one in my size.  I think I paid £40 for this and it was about £90 new but sold out by the time I stumbled across it.  I must say, these two faux fur pieces from Topshop have been brilliant.  They really are well made and a great soft faux fur - one of the only imitations I will do! 

Coat; Topshop via eBay
Chanel Bag; lucky charity shop find
Jeans; Zara
Trainers; Nike
Cashmere hat, leather gloves and my daughter 1D rucksack;TK Maxx
Jumper and boots; Gap
Jeans; Topshop

More recently I had a very old search saved for a Whistles shopper that I spotted years ago again, in a snake pattern.  The ones that kept coming up were used and the leather appeared to show wear really easily so I wasn't prepared to pay huge amounts for one.  This one came up and was brand new (there was still the gift recent in it when it arrived!).  I paid £26 for it.  My back's been playing up of late so I've needed to stop using my Prada everyday handbag as much.  They are so well made they are heavy unfortunately so I've swapped to this lightweight leather shopper style instead and it's been great.

Whistles via eBay
Really simple inside and raw leather lining
So if you feel you've missed out on something in the sales (especially as they are coming up) make sure you save a search on eBay.  It might not happen straight away but give it some time and something will always turn up.  I don't tend to randomly buy off there for clothing or accessories, only when it's been something I've seen and know it fits and is of good quality.


  1. Some fab buys Natalie. eBay can be brilliant for grabbing a bargain. I've had a few great finds on there & of course it's even better knowing you've saved money especially if the item is still brand new :-)
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

    1. It can can't it. It can also be a bit lethal so I only try to use it for items I've missed out on or I can get very carried away! x

  2. Hi just wondered if you like the midi style skirts around at the moment being short like you at [5 ft3 inch] and pleated skirts i love them on other people but can't make them work for me, what do you think.

    1. Hi Linda, I love them but unfortunately I don't feel they work on me either. I actually tried them again very recently and featured one on my blog. I'm just a little smaller than you and felt the length just wasn't flattering. That being said, I also think it's perhaps that I'm just not used to seeing them on me as I've seen plenty on others of similar height and they look great! X


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