Sunday, 10 January 2016


Back when it was mild in early December I had a Christening to attend.  I didn't feel like wearing tights and a dress or skirt so dug out my old faithful Topshop crop trousers.  I bought these on a whim for a job interview about 5 years ago as I was desperate for a smart trouser.  They have worn so well and am yet to find anything that comes close to them.  I love how they taper in at the ankle but have a slightly looser, masculine look to them. 

I decided to keep it a really simple monochrome look and wore my favourite silk Sandro top.  This was bought from the Bicester Village outlet and I remember squirming at paying £50 or £60 for it a couple of years ago.  I have since tried to buy less cheap items and invest slightly more as this top reminded me that you really do get what you pay for.  I would pretty much say it's been worn monthly since.  I love how floaty it is and the lace detail is a timeless style.  It still looks as good as new.  

Taken on purpose for you to see the top swinging in action....Um no, I wish I was that good at posing for photos,  probably my youngest making a break for it causing me to turn!
My shoes were another Bicester Village find a good few years back also.  They are by Bally and yes, for my regular readers, they are suede and leather lined - what a shoe!  You know me and suede shoes and leather lining, gets me every time.  They have a little gold detail around the heel that I love and really are comfortable.

Just in case you were on the look out for a white/cream top to add to your wardrobe, Boden have this gorgeous lace one.  They are so easy to wear, from jeans to trousers and skirts, it's an item that every wardrobe should have.  It is currently on offer with 10% off with free delivery and returns until the end of January.  

Boden Floral Lace Top £80.50 (also available in navy)


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