Monday, 7 December 2015

The Sales Have Started!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, bricks really do strange things to a woman.....I'm moving house in the new year (fingers all crossed it goes through) and what with Christmas and too many birthdays in December and January to mention, we are watching our pennies.  I popped to Bicester Village as I had a spare 2.5 child free hours and thought as I was so close, after the school run and some work I may as well for party dress purposes.  Never one to disappoint and true to form, I homed in on some amazing bargains - none of the party dress variety - update on that in the next post.  It appears the sales have come early as there really were some great deals to be had.   These little leather bags from Coccinelle were starting at £49 when they were well over £100 originally.  

I loved the snake effect style more than the suede!
Next up this Anya Hindmarch bag really tested me.  It was £594 down to £145 and a great size - bigger than the Coccinelle above.  I fell for this one and went back later on just to see it again.  I nearly parted with my cash and probably my birthday spends but was swiftly reminded by my husband that my sister, Mum and I are heading to London over night after Christmas - wouldn't it be wise to save my pennies for that.  Well, um, no because now I blatantly won't find anything. So dear family, if you are reading this, there was a new one ready and waiting for me back right of the shop......chop chop!

I've been after a new cosmetic case for my handbag for over a year now.  I have an old Gucci one which has seen better days.  It just holds random things like plasters, nurofen, lozenges, hair grips, ointment - general Mummy emergency bits, nothing glam.   I do however like to house them in something special.  I saw a gold Anya Hindmarch one in the sales last Christmas but Santa must have missed the boat on that one as it didn't arrive in my stocking.  This Fendi was over £100 down to £45. I must admit, leather accessories in handbags don't seem to look good after a short amount of time. My Miu Miu purse looks tatty yet my canvas Gucci cosmetic case (has some leather trims like the below) has lasted years and years before it looked worn.  I'm therefore swaying to the below. This is blatantly a post for my husband and families benefit.  As my birthday is only 10 days after Christmas I am helping them out really. 

Oh and this lovely leather bracelet from Mulberry - £50!  Yes, honestly, all leather with a bow and the Mulberry tree on it, I really didn't think this was a bad price at all.  They had other colours in but I loved the red.

Ugg had also joined in on the sale act.  I liked these fringed boots initially but they came up small and wasn't so keen once they were on.  They were £50.

These gorgeous kids skirts from The White Company were £28 down to £11.20 however when I went back later they had gone up to £16?!?  They had some beautiful children's clothing in, so well made and reasonable prices.

I did manage to grab some lovey Christmas presents but absolutely nothing for myself.  I have a happy husband and better bank balance for it but I'm already feeling like I've missed the boat ever so slightly.  Now, what would you go back for if you had a spare 3 hours Friday and a mate just so happening to be popping there that I could meet up with?!?!?!  I wore the below ensemble to window shop that day!

Coat; Mulberry
Jeans; Topshop
Boots; Ash
Bag; Prada
Jumper; & Other Stories 


  1. Replies
    1. Only the shop floor one left, new one gone. I'm not sure the message has got through to the husband - unless he got the new one?!?!!?x

  2. Definitely the Anya Hindmarsh. I don't care what you see in London ... it won't be as great a bargain as that. Don't let it be 'the one that got away'!!!

    1. It may have already Helen and I've just spent a third of what it cost on two other items - oops! x


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