Wednesday, 2 September 2015

It's All About A Good Leather Bag

Warehouse seem to have quite a collection at the moment.  After seeing some of their leather sandals in store with a client the other week (a few left online here, take a peek if you're lucky enough to be going to where the sun shines any time soon!) they were so reasonably priced it prompted me to have a look online.  A mistake for me when, after the sales I'm trying to rein it in a little, but lucky for any of my readers who are in need of a decent bag!  Here's some of my favourites (there's the whole selection online here).  

£25 down to £15, this clutch also has a long cross body strap
£65 down to £40, a metallic shopper is something I've been coveting for a while now (and a rose gold colour - gorgeous!)
£55 down to £30 this satchel is a great every day colour
£28 down to £18 I love this fringe clutch, even more as it's suede under the leather tassels 
£40 this clutch also double as a cross body bag - quite possibly my favourite of them all!
Also on my radar recently was this little leather number from Gap.  I've seen the bow one below in store, it's a really tough leather so if you prefer something more structured than a soft slouchy leather, then head to Gap. 

Gap £59.95 down to £19.99
Gap £39.95 down to £14.99.  Also available in white and blue
Just to show willing at how good I've tried to be, look at this gorgeous suede number from Topshop. I saw it in Dublin for €25 and had to walk away.  Don't get me wrong, other purchases were made using the strong exchange rate but this beauty stayed there.  Yes, I may live to regret it but I'm pretty proud I showed some restraint at least!

Topshop €25


  1. Wow, those are all gorgeous bags! Warehouse are really on fire right now, aren't they? I could do some serious damage in there if I wasn't such a model of restraint myself :-D xx

    1. Yes, been pleasantly surprised of late. Nearly made it to mid month and no purchases - I'm on a roll - must keep it going! x


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