Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Phase Eight Bargains

I was working with a client in House of Fraser the other week and a fair few items in Phase Eight caught my eye.  I wasn't able to take photos but they had the cutest leather cross body bag - which has now been reduced even further in the sale.  I've been really impressed with them of late, it's not a brand that is heavily on my radar but I have recommended different items to several of my clients, from shoes to dresses.  They seem to have got it right as far as delivering to a broad age group.  I will stop my rambling and just share and link a few of my favourites right now - mainly handbags, they really are my thing but do have a browse around their site.  Oh and be quick - these beauties won't hang around for long.  When I was planning this post the other week they had some other amazing handbags which have now gone.

NB This isn't a sponsored post, purely me sharing a brand I recommend at the moment!

£49 down to £22 I saw this in the flesh and it is gorgeous - the perfect small bag size 

Suede and tassels - what's not to love?  This bag is £69 down to £34

£65 down to £29, this leather bag is great for a luxe day bag feel due to the gold and the tassel

£55 down to £16.50 I love this beach bag, it's the perfect colour combination so that it won't look scruffy after a few uses
A great little clutch, metallics go with everything and the texture/animal print adds a bit of character.  This leather clutch is £59 down to £41

This suede bag is a great travel companion, or if like me, you daily carry the kitchen sink with you, a great day bag to.  Tan is one of my favourite colours for bags as it's so easy to wear.  £120 down to £60

Their shoes are equally as good and if I wasn't so sleep deprived, I would continue on and share a whole load - but I promise there really is something for everyone so follow this link to head straight to the shoes.  Flats, sandals, heels, boots, sparkles, leather, they have got them all covered.  I will leave you with the below though, a favourite of mine.  I ordered the blue but the colour was just that little too similar to another pair in my wardrobe, the black however is a classic.  They were so comfy and well made - suede lined, I could just picture them with some casual rolled up jeans and a cute little top (oh and maybe one of their bags too).  My self imposed budget means they can't be mine right now though (insert sad face if I could!).

These are £110 down to £33


  1. Great minds & all that .... I was ogling their tops recently online. Fab bargains and loads of pretty long sleeved tops & tees that are often tricky to find. Loving the bag selection.

    1. They have a great selection out at the moment, defo worth a look x


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