Wednesday, 15 July 2015

My First Hush Order

I've had my eye on Hush's camo joggers for ages but they are so popular that they are always out of stock.  It may come as a surprise to you but I am a huge joggers/loungewear fan.  I love nothing more than coming home and putting a pair of comfy trews on.  Aside from that, I loved the prints as joggers aren't always the most flattering of bottoms so the camo kind of detracts from the style.

Camo Joggers £45
So when the email came through for their sale preview and the shorts version were in there - I actually jumped on it and didn't dither for once!  They came up true to size and are fairly generous.  The print is just as good in the flesh and they are super comfy (the print also means I can wear big pants and not worry about any VPL going on - shattering your illusions of me now aren't I!).

Camo Shorts £20
I love this look with those boots - I may try my Ash boots with them!
That is my large black Garfield cat in the background - that long black thing!

Sadly for you guys, I was not so quick to share them on here and they are now also out of stock - rubbish I know.  However their sale has just got even better and as the weather has taken a turn, I am contemplating some of their 'snuggly' jumpers!

Eyelash Jumper £55 down to £30
Short Cardi £120 down to £40
Camo Sloppy Joe £45 down to £15 (I'm so tempted)
They have some 100% silk tops in that are also reduced.

Classic Silk Shirt £140 down to £70 (3 different colours available)
Silk Tee £65 down to £40 (also in black for £50)
Happy shopping!  Oh and keep checking back for the joggers as they have come back in stock before, just not in my size!


  1. Love the camo joggers Natalie stylish & comfy what's not to love! Hush have such a fab collection don't they....I'm very tempted by some of their current bargains.
    Jane xx
    My Midlife Fashion

  2. Oh you so have to do the shorts and boots combo. I know you'll look fantastic in them x

    1. I'm being forced to go camping end of August so I think that look might be perfect for then x

  3. They are gorgeous Natalie! I keep avoiding the Hush site as it could be another brand I get sucked into easily! xx

    1. Its very easy to, especially with their sale on x

  4. This made me laugh - I ummed and Ahmed over the joggers and left it too late, then obsessively stalked them until I finally admitted to myself that it wasn't to be :-D I made do with the shorts instead, and I love them! They look fab on you xx

    1. Ditto! Maybe more will come in for Autumn. Camo twin! x


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